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Important notice: The offer of Sunnyplayer has changed due to the new regulations since July 1, 2021. This mainly affects the game options and the deposit or the stake, where it comes to a clear limitation. But there are also adjustments to the odds, which have a massive impact on fairness. The average payout ratios have been reduced from the former ~96% to values around 84%.

Providers that continue to operate with win rates of ~96%, we have listed here:

Casinos with high odds


Clear structures are essential on a website. Sunnyplayer likes it sunny and colorful. However, animations can be found on the company's homepage alone. Here, all promotions and bonuses are presented to you right at the beginning. These are the main focus for most players.

However, it was far more important to us whether the said structure of the Sunnyplayer website is sufficient for an inexperienced guest or customer to really find their way around. After all, no one wants to sit for a long time trying to find their way around the site until they can finally start playing.

The good news is that the company restricts itself to the website alone, and thus completely without a Sunnyplayer download.. We have looked into the issue a bit more intensively. As you can see in the Performance & Loading Times section, the Sunnyplayer online casino has already convinced in several points. Players owe the loading times not least to the fact that the operators limit themselves to the essentials on the website – apart from the bonus animation.

The bottom line is that the entire Sunnyplayer site, including all of the sections and links is self-explanatory. Of course, we do not want to withhold from you where you can find which information, games and co. First of all, you land – as in all casinos – on the home page. Here you will already learn that you are entitled to a 40 Euro new customer bonus as soon as you have deposited 10$.

Sunnyplayer Casino categories

Let's just jump to the bottom of the website. Here you will see details about the operator, the address of the company as well as licensors. You can also open links on topics such as responsible gambling.

information icon
Information is freely available on the Sunnyplayer website. So you don't have to register first to find out details about the group and its operators. This alone speaks for the fact that we are dealing with an absolutely reputable provider provider.

The structure of the website is well thought out. At the top you will find the option to log in or register. Once you are logged in, the casino will of course show you details such as the account balance. Above this you will find three relevant links – to the games, promotions and information.

The latter area is especially interesting for new customers. So you can find out right away which payment methods available at Sunnyplayer are available, how Sunnyplayer stands on data protection and, of course, there are the T&Cs that will help you avoid mistakes.

Sunnyplayer experience since 1997

The About Us page is crisply written.As the company states, Sunnyplayer is a joint project, behind which are not only online casino operators, but also well-known Merkur gaming arcades. According to their own statements, the operators do not lack experience. After all, they have been active in the industry since 1997 and therefore know exactly what players want. The Sunnyplayer Casino obviously meets the expectations of demanding guests.

For Sunnyplayer secure regulation, fairness and transparency are in the foreground. Of course, we are at least as interested in the website structure. After all, it determines whether the site is easy to use – even by customers with little experience. Merkur Slots is no longer available as it was a few years ago, but the company has provided a lot of alternatives.

In our opinion, the menu navigation is simple. All sections are self-explanatory, and the registration process can also be described as child's play. Whatever you want to know about the operator, licenses and the like is displayed transparently here. That alone gave us reason to investigate further on the Sunnyplayer Casino website.

All areas easily comprehensible

In fact the website of Sunnyplayer impresses with its simplicity. There are just a few links and sections that do not require long explanations. In addition, the site looks very attractive despite its simple structure.

The casino thus lives up to its name, because good mood is created here already in the first minutes. By the way, on the right side you will find the contact options. How good the Sunnyplayer customer service is, we have already reported extensively. The fact is that the menu navigation on the website does not cause any trouble even for beginners. With just a few clicks, you can land in the desired game sections, find out about promotions and learn everything you need to know about the operator, PlayCherry Ltd.

The performance & loading times – our experience

You rarely have to wait longer than 20 seconds for the game to start. That alone proves the good loading times. Of course, we also looked into the question of how the performance is at Sunnyplayer Casino. Here we can give a big praise to the operators, because the concept is really flawless. Even if the Internet connection is not the best, the games run smoothly. The same applies if you opt for the mobile variant.

We have dealt with the performance of the provider at various times. Despite high visitor frequency, there were never any problems such as jerking or even interruptions. This alone speaks for the fact that Sunnyplayer invests a lot of money in servers and technology. The better the internet connection is, the faster you can start playing your preferred game.

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Mobile gaming in particular works smoothly here – even if you are not connected to the WLAN network, but are outside your four walls. All in all, Sunnyplayer cuts a good figure when it comes to performance and loading times.

Of course, this is primarily due to the fact that the website has been reduced to a minimum of animations and links. We will reveal a few more details on this topic in our own test section.

Nowadays, Internet connections are extremely fast. However, even if you are equipped with a poorer line, you will not experience any disadvantages at Sunnyplayer Casino. The company has virtually designed its technology for the weakest links, so no one has to wait long for the games to start here.

Clearly more important than the loading time is, of course, the fact that there are no interruptions. If, contrary to expectations, problems do occur, game states are cached. This has the advantage that you will basically not lose any money – no matter when and where you decide to use the Sunnyplayer offer.

The mobile Sunnyplayer website also convinces

Sunnyplayer mobile app
Sunnyplayer Mobile
we have deliberately tested individually. Nevertheless, we already want to reveal that the mobile website is just as convincing and easy to use as the desktop version. Fortunately, there is no Sunnyplayer download. Nevertheless, the casino shines with an outstanding performance and fast loading times.

Quick access to individual subpages is possible with just a few clicks. Thus, you can play to your heart's content, gather information or find out who exactly is behind the company.

The fact that the website has been designed rather simply has a positive effect on performance. In the end, the most important thing is to be able to play without waiting. After all, a pretty design does not make a good casino. Sunnyplayer has succeeded, attractiveness and first-class loading times with each other.

Looking at the lower part of the Sunnyplayer Casino website can be a bit more difficult. At least when the slots section is opened, you have to scroll properly. At the very bottom you will find game instructions for all slots as well as some subpages that will give you hints about special games.

Sunnyplayer has kept its promise to provide its customers with a responsible and pleasant gaming environment since the very beginning. Gambling is not only about profit, but above all about entertainment. Since the website is already super simple, the fun factor comes into its own after just a few minutes.

We can only agree with that. And we have to commend those responsible for addressing the issue of player protection on the website and that this issue is taken very seriously.

Sunnyplayer website – our conclusion

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The site is chic and sleek at the same time. The perfect mix of both makes it easy for you to find your way around the site. However, we would like to see a bit more structure in the game categories. There is a search function, but subcategories for a better overview are missing.

Beyond that, there is nothing that could be criticized about the Sunnyplayer site. The categories, information and other subpages are clearly defined, so that there can be no misunderstandings. no misunderstandings can occur. If you still have problems, the support will help you. It, too, can be reached via the website with one click.

The operators have obviously attached great importance to convince especially in terms of performance & loading times. Regardless of the number of visitors, you as a player can count on a smooth process rely on. You definitely can't expect more from a modern online casino. It makes sense to update your programs – including Java and Flash – to the latest version. The smartphone should also be updated regularly.

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Only in this way can Sunnyplayer ensure the best possible performance and flawless loading times around the clock. Should technical problems actually occur, you of course always have the option of contacting support. Together with you, they will find a solution so that nothing stands in the way of a quick game start.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 90% excellent Sunnyplayer odds
Game offer 90% excellent Sunnyplayer game offer
Live Casino 80% good Sunnyplayer Live Casino
deposit/withdrawal 93% excellent Sunnyplayer deposit/withdrawal
Customer Service 94% excellent Sunnyplayer Customer Service
Website 85% very good Sunnyplayer website
Gaming App 91% excellent Sunnyplayer App
New customer bonus 92% excellent Sunnyplayer Bonus
Security 91% excellent Sunnyplayer Security
Experience 80% good Sunnyplayer Experience
Overall rating 89% very good Sunnyplayer Test

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Sunnyplayer websiteAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐85%