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Important notice: The offer of Sunnyplayer has changed due to the new regulations since July 1, 2021. This mainly concerns the gaming options and the deposit or stake, where there is a significant limitation. But there are also adjustments to the odds, which have a massive impact on fairness. The average payout ratios have been reduced from the former ~96% to values around 84%.

Providers that continue to operate with win rates of ~96%, we have listed here:

Casinos with high odds


Playing mobile at Sunnyplayer is made easy. You can enter the URL of the online casino into your smartphone or tablet browser at any time – regardless of which device you own and which operating system is installed on it.

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Through the mobile website, Sunnyplayer makes its popular portfolio accessible to anyone who wants entertainment on the go. In the process, native apps were completely dispensed with.

The biggest advantage here is that you not have to do without any of your personal favorite games. games. The portfolio of the PC version is also available to players on their cell phones at any time – both for free and with real money. both free of charge and with real-money wagering option.

The Sunnyplayer mobile app is versatile and entertaining. Although the provider has only been around for a few years, it rightly enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry – even without its Merkur games available until the end of 2017. Slots, classics and live games from renowned developers are offered, which players can access just as easily on their mobile devices as at home.

Test report on the mobile games of Sunnyplayer

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As Android and iPhone owners, customers get their money's worth just like any other player who is in possession of a tablet or smartphone. The Sunnyplayer login can be carried out with the data set up on the PC. For those who have not yet set up an account, registration is of course also possible on mobile devices.

And the support? Of course it is also can be reached at any time without any problems. The mobile website has been structured very well, so there are no problems with it, help pages, game sections or casino information. to retrieve.

Sunnyplayer is a modern casino with a modern casinothat offers its players a wide selection of slots and classics. These come from experienced developers, who are all licensed in Europe. In our big Sunnyplayer Mobile test, we will now look into the question of how the portfolio for smartphones and tablets is doing. After all, more than 50% of all registered casino customers prefer to play on the go.

Mobile availability of Sunnyplayer

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Sunnyplayer works mobile always and aon all modern devices. The HTML5 Web App is optimal to be used also as a Windows Phone and Blackberry users to enjoy excitement and fun outside their own four walls – and with a bit of luck maybe even pick up some big winnings. Performance and loading times completely convinced us in our practical test of Sunnyplayer Mobile.

Sunnyplayer Mobile for Apple customers

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In principle, of course, also Apple users play at Sunnyplayer Casino – directly in the installed browser! This provider has not yet developed a special app that has to be downloaded. The advantage is that users can access games faster. The Loading times are simply first-class for a web app.

Android app from Sunnyplayer

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Also, owners of Samsung devices and other smartphones that work with Android Sunnyplayer gives full access to the versatile portfolio. Instead of going to Google Play to download the app, customers can simply open the mobile browser, enter the URL and get started right away. Qualitatively, the mobile website is in no way inferior to today's popular native apps.

Sunnyplayer mobile website with HTML5

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Surprisingly, you won't find any information about mobile gaming options in the casino itself. Usually, however, explanations about the game start, the options and co. are provided on the website in particular.

Obviously, the casino operators simply assume that by now everyone should know how mobile entertainment works. In fact, Sunnyplayer Mobile makes it easy to get involved with the colorful portfolio.

The URL is namely the same as on the PC. If you like, you can of course also use the search engine to display the correct mobile website. HMTL5 is currently extremely popular. This basis allows games to be opened in the blink of an eye.

Advantages of the Sunnyplayer Casino website

There are now millions of people who play in more than one mobile casino. Accordingly, it would be crowded on the smartphone if you had to install an app every time. With the mobile website of Sunnyplayer players save a lot of storage space in the first place.. In addition, the start of the game is possible possible.

However, the biggest advantage is the fact that you won't miss out on slots and classics with this variant. Native Android and iOS apps are severely limited in the game selection. If you play in the casino via HMTL5, you have a much significantly larger portfolio open to them.

If there are interruptions in the connection, game states are saved. Users can therefore continue later exactly where the line has thrown a spanner in the proverbial works. The highest possible performance can be enjoyed when connecting to a WLAN network.

Disadvantages of the Sunnyplayer Casino App

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In fact, we can't see any disadvantages – although our expert editors really took a close look. Both qualitatively and in terms of game selection Sunnyplayer Mobile with HTML5 leaves nothing to be desired. The only prerequisite for smooth operation is that the Internet connection remains stable. Radio holes can of course become a problem, although the provider assures its customers that no money is lost even in such cases.

If the connection is interrupted, the game continues from where it left off. The credit is therefore still available and the round can simply be made up for – regardless of whether you were playing slots or classics, sports betting or other categories. This fact alone makes it clear that Sunnyplayer works seriously. All in all, this is a company that only benefits players.

How good is the Sunnyplayer mobile design?

The makers also rely on a pleasantly simple yet very appealing design for the Sunnyplayer app. pleasantly simple and yet very appealing design, which is immediately convincing in terms of quality. Fortunately, even beginners will not be overwhelmed right away, but can take their time to look around without any experience. The colorful preview images provide a first taste, to which there is actually not much more to add.

It quickly becomes apparent that the team knows its business and knows exactly which aspects are particularly important for an app. Clear structures help to find your way around. The menus are self-explanatory. Despite all the structure, the visuals are of course not neglected. You can stand it here and immediately feel comfortable. The design of the Sunnyplayer mobile app is clearly in no way inferior to the desktop variant.

The range of games offered by Sunnyplayer Mobile

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The bottom line is that Sunnyplayer's mobile gaming offer is almost identical to what players experience on the PC. There are only a few restrictions – and that is exactly what makes playing on the go so appealing. Even the live tables are at your disposal. However, we were primarily interested in how the mobile service is.

The best slots and classics are only of any use if the player is supported in case of doubt. The support is the same on the smartphone and tablet as it is at home. Customers can open the Open live chat, read through the FAQ page or write an email..

The mobile portfolio as such is very well structured. In addition to the typical sections, guests and customers are allowed to use the search function to make accessing their favorite games even easier. Overall, a solid offer that Sunnyplayer mobile provides.

Sunnyplayer Casino App Download

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Fortunately, this is exactly what you can spare yourself at Sunnyplayer. The operators decided very early on to do without downloads and instead completely rely on the to focus on the Sunnyplayer Web App with HTML5. – a variant thanks to which instant game entry is possible without downloading and other efforts.

To access the web app, all that is needed is a browser. This browser is pre-installed on all smartphones and is usually capable of displaying the HTML5 website of Sunnyplayer Casino correctly. Thanks to this solution, you not only save time, but above all a lot of storage space. In addition, the game offer at Sunnyplayer Mobile updates itself. New slots and classics are automatically available, which makes things a bit more appealing right away.

Install Sunnyplayer Casino App

Since the company has decided against downloads, there is logically no need to install Sunnyplayer Mobile. The provider's website can be accessed just like any other site – by entering the URL that is specially adapted to mobile devices. mobile devices. If you don't want to type in the long web address, simply open the search engine and enter Sunnyplayer. The mobile version is always displayed, which is adapted to the smaller smartphone screen.

The Sunnyplayer app for tablets

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Sunnyplayer can also be played mobile on tablets. In this day and age, this has long since become a matter of course here – as with most companies in the industry. Web Apps with HTML5 automatically recognize the screen size and are optimized accordingly. Thus, it is very easy for customers to opt for both a smartphone and tablet to pursue their passion.

In short, there is no separate Sunnyplayer app for playing on the tablet. The mobile website is always the same – no matter which device and also operating system is preferred by the user. Once you've opened the site, it immediately becomes apparent just how customizable Sunnyplayer Mobile really is.

Wager real money in the Sunnyplayer Casino app

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Those who are unsure or have little experience have the opportunity to explore what the Sunnyplayer app has to offer for free. A deposit as well as registration are not necessary for this. Of course, the operators have also thought about those of us who want to want to play with real money at Sunnyplayer Mobile. want to play. Those who belong to this group can create an account and make the first deposit at any time.

If there is one thing that is not lacking, it is reliable payment methods. They work just as easily and securely on the go as they do at home. E-wallets like Neteller and Skrill are the best for depositing, as you don't need a card or account details for this. The crediting takes place in real time at Sunnyplayer, so that nothing stands in the way of the first real-money gaming rounds at this provider as well.

What if the Sunnyplayer app does not work?

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This rarely happens, but of course Sunnyplayer is prepared for such situations. If there are problems opening the web app, this may be due to poor internet reception, for example. This should therefore be checked first. If the line is stable, it sometimes helps to simply restart the browser. simply restart the browser again – If in doubt, even restart the smartphone or tablet completely.

If factors that affect your own device have been ruled out, you can always contact the Sunnyplayer customer service customer service. Contact details can be found on the web without a long search. Alternatively, you can access the website via the desktop browser. If the problems are the same here, there may be a technical error. It is certain that this will be fixed by the Sunnyplayer team within a short time.

Advantages of the Sunnyplayer mobile app compared to desktop play.

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The beauty of mobile gambling is that you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere. Instead of staying indoors, Sunnyplayer customers get to enjoy the weather, go on a trip or sweeten their time in the waiting room. Of course, none of this is conceivable with a PC. The Sunnyplayer app is also in no way inferior to the desktop version in terms of game selection.

When it comes to the clear structure, there are hardly any differences between the two options. So you can also look forward to a simple menu navigation, easy to simple menu navigation, easy-to-understand games and lots of promotions. look forward to. All of this makes playing a real treat – not least for players with particularly high standards.

Conclusion on the Sunnyplayer app

For those who no longer want to be tied to the computer, Sunnyplayer Mobile is simply optimal. Several hundred games, bonuses, promotions as well as a first-class service are available to users anytime and anywhere. The provider clearly does not have to hide behind the competition. Of course, deposits and withdrawals in the mobile Sunnyplayer Casino also work smoothly.

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Players can choose between Trustly, MuchBetter, Sofortüberweisung, as well as various alternatives, and use them directly to fill their account with funds – or to pay out Sunnyplayer winnings winnings. We think Sunnyplayer cuts a good figure even without Merkur slots and can easily keep up with other mobile casinos today. The fact that no app download necessary is all the more pleasing to us. After all, this also gives customers access to the offer who do not own either Android or iOS devices.

Sunnyplayer Mobile FAQs

  1. Do I get a special Sunnyplayer app bonus?
  2. Is the Sunnyplayer Mobile operation difficult?
  3. What payment methods are available at Sunnyplayer Mobile?
  4. Do I have to install the Sunnyplayer app?

1.) Do I get a special Sunnyplayer app bonus?

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There are plenty of offers that players will benefit from on the go. Sunnyplayer is namely super spendy – and not only towards new customers. However, it must be said that there are no exclusive promotions for mobile players. there are. The campaigns are the same on the desktop as in the web app – a fact that we do not consider a disadvantage.

If you feel like having a few more euros in your account, you can participate in promotions at will. It doesn't matter whether you use the Sunnyplayer app or make yourself comfortable at home. So clearly no one is missing out here.

2.) Is the Sunnyplayer mobile operation difficult?

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Sunnyplayer is one of the providers that make it very easy for customers to play. The web app is based on a clear menu navigation which is in fact self-explanatory. At the top, there is the option to set up an account or alternatively log in with existing access data.

In the left menu, you can now choose between games, Sports betting promotions and customer information. In addition to the simple handling, it is above all the transparency with which the Sunnyplayer Mobile Casino knows how to score points. Contacting the casino is also made easy here.

3.) What payment methods are available at Sunnyplayer Mobile?

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The provider has adopted the payment methods from the desktop variant. Thus, you can also choose between e-wallets, instant transfer and various other options at Sunnyplayer Mobile. The easiest are actually digital walletsbecause with them not only the real-time transaction is possible, but you also do not have to carry any cards or the like. By the way: Money that has already been deposited on the desktop is of course just as available to players on the move.

4.) Do I have to install the Sunnyplayer app?

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In fact, an app download is not required at Sunnyplayer Casino. Instead, the company has opted for the mobile web app with HTML5, which can be launched at any time in the already installed browser. Like all mobile casinos, Sunnyplayer also focuses on simplicity. In addition, it is a big concern for the operators, to meet the needs of every target group – including those who own neither an Android device nor an iPhone or iPad.

Test category Score Recommendation More Info
Odds 90% excellent Sunnyplayer odds
Game offer 90% excellent Sunnyplayer game offer
Live Casino 80% good Sunnyplayer Live Casino
deposit/withdrawal 93% excellent Sunnyplayer deposit/withdrawal
Customer Service 94% excellent Sunnyplayer Customer Service
Website 85% very good Sunnyplayer website
Gaming App 91% excellent Sunnyplayer App
New customer bonus 92% excellent Sunnyplayer Bonus
Security 91% excellent Sunnyplayer Security
Experience 80% good Sunnyplayer Experience
Overall rating 89% very good Sunnyplayer Test

Author: Joshua DavidsonRated: Sunnyplayer AppAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 91%