Money Train Slot – with Relax Gaming into the Wild West

Details about Money Train


1.000$ bonus+ 100 free spinsPlay now at Lucky Dreams
Reels: 5
Rows: 4
Paylines: 40
Min. bet: 0,10$
Max. Bet: 100,00$
Payout Ratio: 96,20%
Max. Win: 20.000x
Free Spins: ✔ 
Bonus Buy: ✔ 
Free of charge: ✔ 

If you want to jump on the train of big wins, you should not miss Money Train from Relax Gaming.

The train ride takes you straight to the Wild West, where crazy protagonists and and winnings of up to two million await.

Money Train already went online in June 2019, and already about a year later, in September 2020 to be precise, the iGaming studio has decided to release the successor Money Train 2 to publish.

How the two game variants differ and and what special features These are the questions our team of experts has addressed.

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We can already reveal this much: Never before has it been more exciting to embark on a journey back in time to the Wild West.

Even the smallest bet can lead to fabulous payouts – with multipliers of up to multipliers up to x20,000.

Play Money Train online – the best casinos 2024

Relax Gaming
With innovation and graphical skill the Malta-based provider Relax Gaming has managed to convince various gaming studios.

The high quality of play benefits customers in numerous online casinos. Some of the best providers for playing Money Train we have summarized here.

Play Money Train for free – this is how it works

Players in selected, renowned online casinos are free to decide directly for the deposit. This is always preceded by a registration. And also, if you are interested in playing Money Train for freethe account is usually indispensable for security usually indispensable.

Relax Gaming has tested the Money Train demo version under real conditions. real-life conditions. This way, users get a first impression of winning odds, probabilities and at the same time learn which bets can pay off the fastest. The latter is always dependent on chance, which cannot be influenced either in the real money game or in the Money Train demo.

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How Money Train works

A framework of five reels, four rows of symbols and 40 paylines forms the basis of Money Train. All symbols are driven onto the screen in the named train. Strictly speaking, there are even seven reels, although two are initially disabled and locked by wood. How they can be unlocked, we reveal in the section of the Money Train Bonus Features.

As usual, the first step is to set the stake per round. This can be adjusted in several steps between 10 cents and 100 euros per round. vary. One click is enough to set the preferred amount. After that, the reels can be spun. Combinations from three identical symbols from left to right lead to the payout.

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A game info including payout tableis available to players at Money Train at any time. First, bonus features are explained, followed by the odds resulting from combinations of different motifs.

These streamers play Money Train on Twitch

On the "Money Train" many players from all over the world have climbed onto it – among them one or the other Streamer. Some enjoy a high celebrity on the streaming portal Twitch, and fans can also follow most of them on YouTube, so as not to miss any of the exciting train journeys with Money Train.

Twitch stars who are currently in Wild West fever:

Roshtein AlGear Bethunter TrainwrecksTV m0e_tv
Bidule Emma And Eddy Clout Seven

casino streamer
Not only for the mentioned professionals of the streaming scene, Money Train by Relax Gaming has many advantages. Let's start with the fact that the betting range of the machine quite extensive is quite extensive. If you want to follow in the footsteps of the big gamblers, you don't necessarily have to invest the full 100 euros per round, but you can alternatively start from 10 cents.

This makes it easy for inexperienced new casino customers to get an idea why Money Train is so popular among streamers. One of the main reasons could be the main prize, which can be as high as 2 million euros if you are willing to bet.

Money Train Features: Bonus Features & Special Features

Streamers and casual players will also appreciate that Money Train has comes with various extras with it. Thanks to them, not only the probability of winning increases, but especially the excitement. Here are all the features at a glance:

  1. Wild Card
  2. Money Cart Bonus
  3. Persistent collect and pay symbols
  4. The Bandit
  5. The Bandit
  6. Expansion
  7. Bonus purchase

Wild Card

Money Train Wild
Two crossed guns with the inscription Wild act as wild cards in Money Train. This is universally usable in combinationsHowever, as is usual with most slot machines, it cannot replace symbols that themselves have a special function in the game.

Important to knowWild Cards have no value of their own in the online Money Train game. have no value of their ownThe money cart bonuses are used exclusively to supplement classic combos, which consist of the aforementioned Wild West protagonists or card suits, for example.

Money Cart Bonus

Money Train Bonus
Players should pay special attention to the purple bonus symbol, because as soon as it appears on reels 1, 3 and 5 at the same time, the Money Cart Bonus round.

The three triggering symbols will now show a random multiplier value value. This in turn will be used in the following three free rounds will be applied to all combinations.

Persistent Collect and Payout Symbols

The "persistent" hat, which can collect money, is another bonus symbol. another bonus symbol in the game. Whenever it appears bet multipliers are collected and added to your own value.

Collector symbols can appear on the reels at any time. All visible values are used as soon as the next bonus symbol, called Persistent Payer, appears.

Once the Money Cart bonus round starts, a choice can be made between the two bonus symbols:

Money Train Collector

Displays a value as a multiplier of the bet, and then collects all the visible values on the reels, adding them to their own value at the end of that spin and on each subsequent spin. This symbol does not count its own value.

Money Train Payer
Displays a value as a multiplication of the bet, and adds it to all other visible symbols on the reels for that spin and each subsequent spin. This symbol alone does not pay.

The Bandit

Money Train Payer
Whenever the Bandit appears, again Multiplier values are collected and added to the visible symbols of the game. So, with her help, you can get especially high payouts.

The more often Payer symbols appear in the form of the bandit, the better.

The Bandit

Money Train Collector Mann
In the Money Train slot, there is the male "counterpart" of the bandit, who appears in shades of gray and is responsible for collecting symbols similar to the Persistent Collector, collect multipliersin order to pay them out in the best case already a short time later as their own value.


Money Train Widener
As it is already evident at the beginning, Money Train consists not only of five, but strictly speaking of seven reels – whereby two of them are initially locked.

With the Widener symbol, the third bandit in the bunch, these reels can be unlocked. reels can be unlocked, the playing field can be expanded.

Bonus buy

Money Train Buy Feature
The chances of winning the Money Cart Bonus Round increase when players choose to activate the Bonus Buy feature feature. This feature activates the round directly. One thing to keep in mind is the bet, as it is at the 80 times the main input value. So, for example, if you invest 1 euro per round, you would have to spend 80 euros for the bonus purchase.

What can the successor Money Train 2 do?

Money Train 2 logo
Of course, Relax Gaming has not simply retold the story of the bandits of the Wild West, but also made some changes in Money Train 2 compared to its predecessor. It is noticeable that there is much more to win to win – namely the 50,000 times the stakes played.

In addition, Money Train 2 has been given a respin function has been added. The free respins can be very helpful, especially in the long run – especially because a lot of credits can be saved when the function is activated.

Graphically, the iGaming studio has also done a great job. The slot machine has been given new protagonists protagonists have been added to the slot, which look quite impressive. All in all, an almost almost completely new concept with old acquaintances and new "friends", which in the best case lead to solid profits lead.

What has remained is the bonus buy, which in all likelihood is due to the higher odds at the 100 times the base stake – and no longer 80 times, as in the first part of the Relax Gaming slot series. Also there is still the Money Cart Bonus. New, however, are bonus symbols that pay out a random win up to 10 times the bet. Up to 200 times is possible when the golden bonus symbol shows up on the reels.

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Besides payers and collectors there are now other protagoniststhat drive the excitement to the heights.

  • Sniper show a multiplier value that is applied to up to 8 bonus symbols.
  • Necromancer in turn, holds back special symbols and can activate them, for example, the Collector, at any time.
  • The final symbol is the clock, which can be used as a Reset Plus Bonus and increases the initial value of the free spins.

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Money Train FAQs

  1. Is Money Train a jackpot machine?
  2. How reputable is Money Train developer Relax Gaming?
  3. Is it worth buying Money Train free spins?
  4. Is there a Money Train bonus?
  5. Where can I compare Money Train 2 and Money Train?

1.) Is Money Train a jackpot machine?

When playing Money Train online you can win attractive winnings – after all up to 2 million euros in each round. Relax Gaming refrains from providing a jackpot, which is especially beneficial for the RTP value. Although there is no progressive main prize, the odds are very attractive.

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What it takes to win is on the one hand willingness to bet and on the other hand a little bit of luck. Like all slot machines, Money Train is linked to random generators. random number generators which decide on the amount and frequency of winnings.

2.) How reputable is Money Train developer Relax Gaming?

After over 10 years on the market Relax Gaming can be clearly identified as an established brand for slot games brand. The company is licensed several timesemploys a large number of people and enjoys a very good reputation. very good reputation – which is especially due to the fair odds and solid payout rates of its bonus slots. of its bonus slots.

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Money Train offers an attractive basis for big wins, exciting functions and also convinces through highest quality. All three attributes speak for the fact that we are dealing with a very high quality and serious iGaming studio to do.

3.) Is it worth buying Money Train free spins?

The bonus purchase can not only increase the chance of the Money Cart free spins round including additional features, but the bonus game is guaranteed with the investment. However, the additional costs incurred as a result should still not be underestimated.

With the 80-fold game stake the Bonus Buy Option and with Money Train 2 the bet is even played 100 times. It applies as with all slot machines with this feature, carefully weigh up the costs and benefits. Sometimes it can make sense to keep the main bet low during the bonus buy.

4.) Is there a Money Train Bonus?

If you were thinking about Money Train free spins without a deposit, you will unfortunately not find it at the moment. Although beckons in most Online Casinos a starting balance but this is usually tied to a deposit and is also provided for all games and not exclusively for Money Train.

5.) Where can I compare Money Train 2 and Money Train?

Most of the providers that have Relax Gaming games in their portfolio provide both variants of the Wild West slot machine. Thus, there is always the opportunity to directly compare Money Train and its successor Money Train 2. (? to the list of the top Money Train casinos )

The partly very big differences in the area of functions should be noticed quite quickly – as well as the similarities, which create a high recognition value.

Our conclusion on Money Train

Relax Gaming makes it easy for players to jump on the big winnings bandwagon and take their chances – after all, we're talking about payouts of up to two million eurosthat Money Train holds out to its "passengers".

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Not only by solid odds Money Train manages to convince. Relax Gaming also surprises with an exciting storytelling and even presents the slot machine in a train that originates from the themed time.

Whether the bandits turn out to be true lucky charms in the end is easy to find out. Just a few spins on the Money Train machine should be enough to see the potential and realize that a trip to the Wild West is quite a trip to the Wild West can be quite rewarding – the right "tour guide", in this case Relax Gaming, provided.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Money TrainAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 91%