FossyGFX Casino Streamer

FossyGFX Facts
Streamer Name: FossyGFX
Real Name: Unknown

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Origin: Monaco
Residence: Malta
Year of birth: Unknown
Followers: 81,200 (Twitch)
109.000 (Twitter)
139.000 (YouTube)
9,700 (Instagram)
Favorite casino: Stake
Special Features: Quietest streamer on Twitch, private is not known, high stakes player, likes to use bonus buy option.
Highest win: 6.25 million USD (Wanted Dead or a Wild).
Highest Multiplier: 12,500x (Max Win on Wanted Dead or a Wild).
Net worth: Unknown

Streamers abound, but no other exudes such calm as FossyGFX, who hails from Monaco. With his level-headed manner and by the affinity for the Bonus Buy Option lifts the Maltese of choice and successful gamer stands out from other casino streamers.

He is one of very few about whom simply no no personal information can be found on the net. The gaming community doesn't seem to mind this fact, because on his various social media channels FossyGFX gathers countless followers.

Both Twitch and YouTube can be considered the streamer's most important platforms, although it is precisely on on Twitch in the last few months has become very quiet around him has been very quiet.

Instead, he is all the more stronger on Youtube presence. There, his fans take the opportunity to watch "Foss" gamble. Many of them may even have seen his transformation from a professional CS:GO player to a casino streamer.

General information about FossyGFX

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Most of his fans call FossyGFX affectionately as Fossand in fact, the Monegasque-born artist operates his channels with both both pseudonyms. On Twitch, the gamer first with CS:Golater also with his passion for casino games. made a name for himself. In the live streams he speaks Englishso that most of his subscribers can understand him well.

Almost every day Foss sits in front of the camera and streams or publishes recordings of himself playing in the casino. Primarily he plays he plays slots at the Stake Casino. Due to his personality as well as his success, many in the Twitch community call him the "English-speaking Bidule ". If there's one thing Foss has in common with other prominent casino streamers, it's their preference for the first-person shooter CS:GO..

You can almost call FossyGFX a myth, because no one knows for sure, who is behind the pseudonym what the streamer does in his private life and how he spends his free time when he's not in front of the screen.

In these casinos Foss plays

Since FossyGFX moved on to streaming casino games, several partnerships between him and renowned crypto casinos emerged. Meanwhile, limits himself the streamer but to one provider:

All casinos that work with FossyGFX or have done so to date, benefit from the now quite high level of awareness of the player. But even he himself, without knowing concrete figures, should benefit significantly from the cooperation, especially with Stake, a provider that is known for attractive conditions conditions.

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Stake offers Foss the opportunity to choose his to choose his bets relatively freely. Limits do not seem to exist, so that the player living in Malta today is free to set the game amounts sometimes higher and sometimes lower. Example of this is the 500$ betwhich he plays on the Wanted Dead or a Wild where the betting limit is usually $100. He managed to get the maximum multiplier of 12,500, which allowed him to win an incredible 6.25 million dollars in the process.

Video: FossyGFX Scores the Max Win on Wanted Dead or a Wild

FossyGFX Favorite Games

Slot machines are obviously the form of entertainment that Foss has preferred has preferred for years. It is in this category that providers like Stake offer players the widest possible choice, thematically as well as in terms of features. FossyGFX knows how to incorporate this richness of facets in its live streams and videos skillfully and shows its viewers how varied a visit to a casino can actually be with these titles, among others:

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    Hot Fiesta

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    Extra Juicy

The fact that FossyGFX achieves profits in the order of several million dollars or euros is due to its high level of risk taking due to its high level of risk. However, you can already play with stakes worth a few cents.

When and where does FossyGFX stream?

One of the most important platforms for live streaming is Twitch. FossyGFX also has its own channel there with around 81,000 followers, although its focus recently in the direction of YouTube shifted.

Foss prefers to stream Foss streams in the late evening hours as well as at night. As a rule he takes time every day for exciting games and of course for his fans. However, it is noticeable that he also allows himself the one or other longer break from the game.

FossyGFX in the social media

You could also call him the social media myth because although Foss has accounts on numerous well-known platforms, nobody really knows whether the young man has a private life and what it looks like. However, what is known about his career as a streamer and his passion for gaming there is a lot of exciting information to be discovered on the channels.

  1. FossyGFX on Twitch
  2. Foss on YouTube
  3. Foss on Twitter
  4. Fosscasino on Instagram

FossyGFX on Twitch

Streaming live, Fossy shows its more than 81.000 viewerswhat online casinos like Stake have to offer. His trademark is the bonus buywhich Fossy activates whenever the games allow it.

A feature like this isn't exactly inexpensive, but at least it has led to considerable profits for FossyGFX many a time. He no longer uses Twitch on a regular basis. Currently he seems to be taking a small timeout from the prominent streaming channel. Instead, there are regular new uploads on his YouTube account.

Since Foss 2020 started with casino streaming he has been working as a partner for several well-known casinos in the field. Today, he only shows those broadcasts that he has live at Stake he has filmed live at Stake. His highlights and highest wins are saved, giving all non-night owls the opportunity to watch Fossy's greatest moments after the fact.

Foss on YouTube

139,000 subscribers the streamer has 139,000 subscribers on his Foss YouTube channel. This shows his greatest successes while playing various slots. FossyGFX regularly secures winnings worth several hundred thousand euros, sometimes even raking in millions. He is only too happy to share these exciting moments with his community.

On YouTube FossyGFX offers "High Stakes Gambling & Casino Content" – that's what it says in the description of its channel, so what viewers can expect is clear from the first moment. Already since 2017 he has been active with his account, in the beginning his videos were not related to the casino game, but primarily to primarily to CS:Go events and moments in which he was able to defeat his opponents in front of the camera.

Foss Twitch Highlights on Youtube

©Foss – Twitch Highlights | FossyGFX was not really successful with his channel "Foss – Twitch Highlights" on Youtube. It must have given up on him by now, because there are no new videos.

After the slot fever had seized him, FossyGFX opened in January 2021 opened another channel called "Foss – Twitch Highlights". This channel is currently idle and has just over 4,500 followers.

The last time Foss uploaded a video to the second channel was in July 2021, and it currently looks like no new content will be content will be added.

Foss on Twitter

Even before FossyGFX came to casino streaming, he opened his Foss Twitter channel, specifically in 2014. Since then, a lot has happened here, because it has long been primarily about the successes that FossyGFX has recorded as a player in well-known crypto casinos. However, he has not completely discarded his passion for CS:GO, as some of his tweets indicate.

Currently, the gamer prefers to stir the Stake advertising drum and even lets one or the other Rolex as a bonus as a bonus. Various events that relate specifically to his person, or which Foss has negotiated with the casino, are sure to arouse curiosity. For those who don't want a watch, the streamer is donating via Twitter a Crypto Instant Win Of up to $17,000.

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Apparently, FossyGFX deals a lot with the topic crypto currencies and with NFTs. In a tweet dated April 25, 2022, he states, "We live in a world where buying a JPEG of a stoned monkey is more profitable than investing in gold, silver, and real estate." In fact, the only thing that can be said here is of NFTs, Non fungible Tokens, because they are virtual collectibles that have been gaining more and more importance just since a few months.

Fosscasino on Instagram

Many well-known streamers are not only incredibly successful on Twitch, but they also share their also share their lives with a mostly huge Insta community. As far as that goes, FossyGFX significantly from his competition. While it has a channel as Fosscasino but this channel is free of content. There are no posts, and certainly no pictures that would show Foss from his private side.

The casino streamer and, by his own admission, investor refers his 10,000 or so subscribers to a promotion page, but otherwise writes nothing at all of any significance. Even the post that existed until the beginning of the year, in which FossyGFX took a seat at a poker table has been removed again.

One reason for this could be that such pictures leave much room for assumptions and rumors. rumors. However, if you look at Foss on Twitch, there is nothing to suggest that the streamer is dedicated to the classic, because there he almost exclusively plays slots as well as the popular Stake Originals every now and then.

What makes Foss special

In the gambling scene, FossyGFX is considered a rising star referred to. His character is definitely unique, because even when things get critical in the game, Fossy maintains a calmwhich seems incomparable. What is also special is that the Maltese obviously consciously avoids avoids being in the limelight. the spotlight. Although his fans can see him fans can watch him live at the casino but what he does away from the cameras remains a secret to this day.

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In this point FossyGFX differs the most from streamers like Adin Ross, Corinna Kopf or also Knossi who love to share their their everyday life with the fans and let them participate in all kinds of events.

How Foss has managed to share all his personal matters including his real name, can only be described as mysterious. Usually, leaks in the Twitch scene, one or two details are always leaked. detail leaks out. Fossy is arguably not only a living myth, but also an exception without equal.

From CS:Go to Casino Streaming – Fossy's Exciting Transformation

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The gamer career of the young man began in 2014 with the opening of his YouTube channel. To the general public, Fossy introduced himself as a friend of prominent video games, for a long time he spent hours in front of the screen, playing played primarily CS:Go. But also FIFA and Call of Duty were also extensively tested by him. His statements were met with great interest by the community.

CS:GO was the breakthrough for FossyGFX, because the video game contains at least some elements of modern gambling. In the casino, he makes especially with above-average high stakes and his regular bonus purchases attract attention.

This is what is behind the site

StakeReloads logo


Parallel to the completed change from CS:Go player to casino pro FossyGFX developed his personal affiliate site ( Fort he enables his followers to learn more about the Stake Casino and to collect one or the other extra bonus. Together with FossyGFX the crypto casino has developed special campaigns from which fans can benefit.

In addition, there is or used to be the site However, this seems to be no longer active to be. There it was then not only about the Stake Casino, but also about other providers as well as his computer games career. Especially, of course, about the popular shooter CS:GO.

The secret behind the nickname FossyGFX

What is behind the pseudonym behind the pseudonym is not known. The red-haired man with the beardy face reminds us a little of Fozzie from the Muppet Showalthough the spelling differs somewhat. The British-American show ran for many years on Australian TV, and indeed Fozzie the bear is one of the characters that the older generation can certainly remember very well.

Visual similarities between the puppet and the Twitch streamer are of course of course only coincidenceHowever, we like the idea that the name is based on the protagonist of the Muppet Show. the Muppet Show could be. It's almost a bit of a shame that the show with the hand puppets was already canceled in 2015, after the last season was filmed here. This marked the end of an era that lasted almost 40 years.

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The association is just a guess. What should be clear, on the other hand: FossyGFX will have a different name in real life. name in real life. However, he he still keeps secretand even long researches did not lead to any result.

Does Foss use special betting strategies?

Yes and no. First of all the amount of the bet the potential amount of winnings, but the probability of winning at slot probability of winning at slot machines in principle not in the desired direction direction. In this respect, FossyGFX is not a strategist. Since he is largely away from classics like Blackjack even tricks like card counting would not help him to succeed.

FossyGFX strategy

© | If FossyGFX follows a strategy, then it's called really stepping on the gas.

Fossy is rather the type "All or nothing". He doesn't skimp on the base bet on bonus slots, nor does he miss out on opportunities in the form of bonus buys if they arise on the streamed slot. Foss seems no risk too highand this characteristic can be called a strategic calculation. It can be assumed that the gamer knows his risk, but consciously accepts it.

What FossyGFX omits in his streamsare constant changes of the bet level. Often, supposed experts claim that the chance of getting free spins can be improved by stopping the game at a certain point, where the bet amount is supposed to play a role. It has become common knowledge that such strategies do not work. And also Fossy relies on chanceinstead of using any system.

Rumors about fake bets are groundless

Precisely because FossyGFX is, according to its own statements, a high stakes player the scene sometimes doubts arise about the doubts arise in the scenewhether the bets are real money at all. real money are real money at all. Like many streamers before him, Foss has been accused of being a fake streamer several times. fake streamer to be a fake streamer. However, these rumors have never come true.

Fossy usually resolves such statements very quickly, because he is not only a level-headed casino player, but also someone who is open and honest with his viewers. open and honest to his viewers. They can watch him play as well as invest their new money. looking over his shoulder.

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Our research has also shown that FossyGFX has succeeded in the past several times in the past to secure high payouts sometimes in the range of several hundred thousand euros. The authenticity of these winnings there is in our estimation no doubtas well as the fact that Foss has no reason to deceive his fans with fake bets.

FossyGFX estimated net worth

Foss is not only a passionate casino streamer, but he also invests according to his own statements, he also in cryptos. While he has never officially disclosed his exact net worth, one can assume based on the presumed terms that a stake partnership but also because of the Twitch bonuses as well as the winnings in the casino of a considerable fortune.

This assessment is also confirmed by the fact that FossyGFX in the casino huge betting sums placed. After all, high stakes require a solid budget budget. Since Foss not only invests, but also makes small as well as big profits more frequently, his fortune should keep growing.

How does FossyGFX always manage to stay calm?

Sunny disposition and calmness should be basic character traits of FossyGFX, in a way they have been put into his cradle. In the Stake Live Streams the player is the player honestly about every successand yet he is one of those people who does not let critical moments critical moments moments.

casino streamer
FossyGFX can be described as an extreme contrast program to players like Knossi or even Ron Bielecki because he seems much more much more calm and relaxed. He does not use strong language.

His is legendary in the meantime. The calmness that FossyGFX exudes seems to go down very well with fans. Nevertheless, Foss is a player who can take heartfelt pleasure in winning matches. It is this unique nature that makes the streamer special in the highly competitive streaming scene.

Fossy GFX in private

It's almost amazing that you can't find out anything at all about about the private life of the streamer. The pseudonym suggests that FossyGFX has a preference for The Muppet Show and especially for the similar-sounding Fossy Bear. Unfortunately, it was not possible to find out what the gamer does when he is not live in front of the Twitch camera.

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Maybe the secrecy of his private life is a wise decision. wise decisionbecause if we know anything about FossyGFX, it's that he's quite a wealthy streamer. wealthy streamer who first earned a lot of money through his passion for CS:Go and later through cooperation with well-known crypto casinos.

All that is known is that the young man comes from Monaco and probably decided to move to Malta because of his successful gaming career, to move to Malta. Where exactly he lives there, Foss keeps to himself, as well as his civil name.

For most of his followers, the streamer's private side does not play a major role. does not play a big roleFossyGFX clearly cuts a fine figure in his profession. However, the special, very calm character is appreciated not only by spectators, but apparently also by various casino operators for whom Fossy has already worked.

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