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Details about Double Rainbow


2.500$ bonus+ 300 free spinsPlay now at BetandPlay
Reels: 7
Rows: 6
Min. bet: 0,10$
Max. Bet: 1500,00$
Payout Ratio: 96,39%
Max. Win: 5.000x
Free Spins: ✔ 
Bonus Buy: ✔ 
Free of charge: ✔ 

Double Rainbow is a game launched in March 2022 released by Hacksaw Gaming, in which players can play at the "end of the rainbow" – with a bit of luck – winnings await. The rainbow appears in a double pack and whenever it shows up, start exciting features with more than attractive chances to win:

Depending on the the amount of the bet and the betting limit set by the limit set by the casino in question are up to 7.5 million euros played out!

Right from the start of the slot, it is noticeable that Double Rainbow offers more than a classic concept for slots. Instead of five reels, as it is usual, here there are seven with six symbols each symbols are provided. The Cluster Pays concept allows for the creation of a wide variety of symbol groups, with at least five matching symbols are required for a win.

In as many several bonus images comes the eponymous rainbow appears. The main symbols however, are candies in all imaginable colors and shapes. The more identical candies are visible, the more attractive the odds become.

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Good to knowThanks to high and recurring multipliers even smaller bet amounts can bring attractive winnings. The maximum win – i.e. the maximum of 7.5 million euros – can, however, only be achieved with correspondingly high Bet of 1,500 euros crack. In most casinos, the maximum bet is set significantly lower at 100 euros. In this case, the potential maximum win is half a million.

Play Double Rainbow online – the best casinos 2024

At Hacksaw Gaming is a well-established software studio, where you can be sure to find fair odds in the course of the game. fair odds and a solid payout rate payout rate. Numerous casinos therefore rely on the slot machines of the provider.

Play Double Rainbow for free

The possibility to try out Double Rainbow for free is available directly at In the simulation provided below, you can play under realistic conditions conditions, which betting options and also what the chances are of winning. chances of winning is ordered. Of course, even in the free game, the bet has a decisive influence on the amount of possible payouts.

Double Rainbow Demo

Just as with us, there is also the possibility in the online casinos to take a first non-binding look of the Hacksaw Gaming release. This is not least an advantage, because casino customers can familiarize themselves in this way with the offered familiarize themselves with the can. One or the other feature can definitely be called special.

How Double Rainbow works

In Double Rainbow, the rules and the gameplay are quite simple. Instead of the five reels typical for slots, there are here seven reelson which six symbols each occur. Combinations can be formed from left to right, where there are at least five matches for a winning payout.

The winning odds are shown in the payout table table. In combination with the set bet, they determine the amount of potential winnings. The maximum Double Rainbow can pay out is half a million euros from Double Rainbow. However, this requires 15 or more hits of a symbol.

The special feature is the tumble feature. Whenever a cluster forms on the playing field, all associated symbols are resolved after a successful payout and new candies move up. If you are lucky enough, this feature alone can create long-lasting winning series. winning series. A new bet is due only when no more combinations are possible.

Double Rainbow bonus features and specials

As expected, developer Hacksaw Gaming also relies on Double Rainbow on additional featureswhich on the one hand excitement and on the other hand increase the potential of winning is increased. Customers can take a look at these in advance as part of the demo version, explanations can be found in the Winning table of the game.

  1. Rainbow reels
  2. Multiplier clouds
  3. Ordinary clouds
  4. Double Rainbow Cloud
  5. Wild Cards
  6. Bonus purchase

Rainbow Rollers

The seven reelssymbols are called rainbow reels in the game. called rainbow reels. Each reel has been assigned a color of the rainbow. This results in a particularly attractive appearancebut the reels can do even more. Hacksaw Gaming has equipped all reels with multipliers. When these occur, they are applied on all winnings of the respective reel.

Whenever Clouds multipliers are initially applied, immediately after which Double Rainbow resets them, so that as the game progresses new opportunities and growing factors can arise during the course of the game.

Multiplier Clouds

The release holds two different types of clouds available. Both act as multipliers and can appear randomly on any reel. The multiplier associated with the reel can be increased by a random value using the clouds.

Common clouds

double rainbow wolke
In case a reel multiplier has not been activated yet, this can be done by the appearance of the ordinary clouds to make up for it. Whenever the bonus symbol drops, it automatically provides a increase in winnings. In addition, the factors associated with the clouds can further increase the potential.

The said factor is determined by random generators. This can be between x2 and x250 lie. Also, the slot machine is given an extra spin is added to the slot. So, not only is there a winning increase for players to look forward to, but there is also a free extra chance.

Double Rainbow Cloud

doublerainbow regenbogen wolke
The double rainbow cloud has a similar function as the previously described ordinary cloud. In addition to multipliers of up to x250 this time, however, players benefit from not only one additional spin, but there are also three free spinsduring which all seven rainbow colors of the reels are active.

The factor is thus automatically added to the multiplier of the full rainbow reels, which in turn can range from x2 to x10. As a result – with a betting limit of 1,500 euros – the Double Rainbow provided maximum win of 7.5 million euros can be created.

Wild Cards

doublerainbow wild
A silver lightning bolt with the inscription Wild acts as a universal joker. All symbols can be replaced by the wild card, as long as they are not clouds.

So combinations are quite easy to achieve, especially since Wilds appear not only singly, but also multiple times multiple times.

Bonus purchase

If you want to benefit directly from rainbow spins, i.e. free spins, Double Rainbow gives you the option to activate the bonus buy. Here are two different options open. With a bet in the amount of 10 times the base amount players can buy a single Rainbow spin including a quadruple multiplier.

The second variant consists of four rainbow spins in addition to the four times multiplier. In this mode, four rainbow reels are active, but then the cost is 50 times of the previously set bet.

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At Stake Casino you can place bets of up to 1.500$ per game round set. In this case, the price of one Rainbow spin would be $15,000 and four spins would cost a whopping $75,000.

These streamers play Double Rainbow on Twitch

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It's not just casual gamers who are showing interest in Double Rainbow. Some live streamers have also found a taste for the Hacksaw Gaming slot.

The beauty of the game is that it already creates a good mood while watching good mood while watching. The main reason for this is the cheerful designbut also the appearance of the features, as a Twitch viewer, you can't help but get excited.

These streamers play Double Rainbow:

Roshtein TrainwrecksTV FossyGFX
XQC ClassyBeef JuicyFruityyy

Video: Roshtein plays Double Rainbow with $75,000 Bonus Buy

Double Rainbow FAQs

  1. What are the benefits of the Double Rainbow Bonus Buy option?
  2. Can I try Double Rainbow for free?
  3. How do I win the Double Rainbow jackpot of $7.5 million?
  4. Is Double Rainbow playable with Bitcoin?
  5. Are there any special Double Rainbow bonus offers?

1.) What are the advantages of the Double Rainbow Bonus Buy Option?

The chance to win big is higher during the rainbow free spins. Thus, it can be said that an investment in the Bonus Buy feature is definitely worth considering. With this associated additional costs should not be underestimated in any case.

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One plus point is that players choose between two options, which brings with it a certain amount of flexibility. As explained earlier, the cost of free spins is between 10 to 50 times the wagered amount..

2.) Can I try Double Rainbow for free?

Yeswithin the framework of the Double Rainbow Demo Version. This allows a free insightThe main purpose of this is to familiarize yourself with the betting options, but also with the concept of the machine and the functions it offers. functions. A few rounds in the simulation are enough to check whether the game meets your personal taste.

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The Double Rainbow demo version is provided by numerous online casinosand also we from offer here in our slot test report (see above) the possibility to try out the release – and that without registration or other obligations.

3.) How do I win the Double Rainbow jackpot of $7.5 million?

Double Rainbow does not have a jackpot in the sense of a fixed or growing pot of money that is paid out. However, in combination of the multiplier and the betting amount, a prize of 7.5 million euros possible. This is especially due to the fact that casinos like Stake especially at Double Rainbow allow high stakes of up to 1,500 euros..

The multiplier set by Hacksaw Gaming, maximum achievable multiplier is namely 5,000 times of the bet and must be considered average compared to other slots. average average compared to other slots. Whether this can be cracked depends solely on chance, namely whether the necessary symbols and multipliers fall. Consequently, this "jackpot" can only be cracked with luck – and with the necessary the necessary power of a high roller.

4.) Can Double Rainbow be played with Bitcoin?

Providers like Stake allow customers to play Double Rainbow with cryptos with cryptos. Numerous tokens are accepted. Those who have opted for a so-called Bitcoin casino therefore by no means have to forgo the charms that Double Rainbow has to offer.

5.) Are there any special Double Rainbow bonus offers?

Popular offers such as Free spins without deposit are unfortunately not currently available at any of the casinos we know of. Nevertheless, there is nothing to stop you from to apply for a welcome bonusbecause the stakes placed on the Double Rainbow slot are usually credited in full to the counted towards the turnover target.

Our Double Rainbow Conclusion

double rainbow stake
The Rainbowwhich, like the cloverleaf stands for luckis the starting point of this colorful slot machine from Hacksaw Gaming. The rainbow reels throw out colorful candies and there beckon high multipliers and lots of other extraswhich provide excitement during the game.

Although Double Rainbow is not a classically designed slot machine, the gameplay is gameplay is simple as usual. Few actions are required to set the bet and benefit from the mentioned features. Those who like and have the appropriate budget can increase the the chances of winning by buying even increase.

The real highlight however, is that selected casinos open Double Rainbow open for high rollers: Stakes of up to 1,500 euros are accepted – which, measured by the multiplier of 5,000, means a a potential maximum prize of 7.5 million euros! in the room!

Author: Kevin LansonRated: Double RainbowAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐95%