Legacy of Dead – With Play'n Go into ancient Egypt

Details about Legacy of Dead


500$ bonusPlay now at 1Bet Casino
Reels: 5
Rows: 3
Paylines: 10
Min. bet: 0,10$
Max. Bet: 100,00$
Payout Ratio: 96,58%
Max. Win: 500.000$
Free Spins: ✔ 
Free: ✔ 

Translated, Legacy of Dead means "The Legacy of the Dead", and this is exactly the title that fits the name in the bonus slot game provided by Play'n Go. bonus slot game on the head.

The creators embed the release in an exciting frame story story. On their site they write that the book has been opened and the the spirit of the king has escaped escaped.

The statement is probably a reference to the predecessor Book of Dead which enjoys great popularity.

There are no books when playing Legacy of Dead. But there are a lot of golden motifsfrom the Pharaoh, to Anubis, to the magical eagle, one of the symbols that connoisseurs of this era inevitably associate with ancient Egypt. with the ancient Egypt. Egypt.

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It quickly becomes clear: Legacy of Dead may be based on Book of Dead, but visually and not least in terms of winning possibilities, it offers completely new opportunities. completely new opportunities open up. That's exactly what we're going to take a closer look at now.

The best Legacy of Dead casinos 2024

At Play 'n Go is a very successful very successful studiowhich specializes in the development high-quality and exciting slot machines focused. At the same time, the company pays strict attention to compliance with the laws and regulations in force in the respective country. Only if the partner casino does the same, the cooperation will last in the long run, as is the case with the providers listed here.

Play Legacy of Dead for free

Play'n Go itself has a Legacy of Dead demo version and makes it available in selected casinos. Here with us, too, there is alternatively the possibility to play a few test rounds on the slot machine and find out whether the release meets your personal taste. Under real conditions is revealed at the same time, how it is about the chances of winning in the game.

Unfortunately, Play'n Go slots like Legacy of Dead are basically permanently free to use, but the game is interrupted after a few minutes in case of inactivity. This can be avoided by registering at the preferred real money casino, especially since no one is required to opt for a deposit there either.

Play Legacy of Dead Demo

This is how Legacy of Dead slot works

The basic framework that the developers have opted for in Legacy of Dead is to the point. No bells and whistles, no unnecessarily complex settings have been integrated here – which makes things especially pleasant for users with little experience. Both five reels as well as 10 paylines are fixed.

From 10 cents to 100 euros per round ranges the betting range that players may select. First, the coin value is determined, followed by the number of coins to be wagered. Both together take no longer than a few seconds, and it is allowed to make changes to the bet at any time.

A special feature: all theme symbols lead to a win already to a win from twofold execution. In order to form combinations of card values, on the other hand, at least three matches from left to right are required, as usual.

The table shows possible winnings in the form of coins. This means, for example, that a wager of a coin value of and the occurrence of five wild cards you can win up to 10,000 can be achieved.

Legacy of Dead bonus functions and special features

Quite quickly, when playing Legacy of Dead, you will notice a parallel to the better-known Play'n Go Book of Dead slot on, because: The release offers its users only one bonus symbolwhich, however, takes over two interesting and effective functions at the same time.

  1. Wild Scatter Symbol
  2. Gamble round

Wild Scatter Symbol

Legacy of Dead Freispiele
The golden column takes over two of the most important two of the most important functions.

  1. If it appears singly or in a double pack on the reels, it can be used as a as universal wild in any combination.
  2. Only three or more matches the function changes and Free spins are activated.

Before the free spins start, a random a random standard symbol is displayed. This can be expanded in the course of the following free spins on the reels and thus take several positions – ideally up to the full screen win.

Legacy of Dead Symbol

Gamble round

The game offers an optional gamble roundin which the total prize can be multiplied on each spin in the main game by correctly guessing red/black or the symbol of a face-down card.

The gamble round can be played up to five times in a row.

Legacy of Dead

These streamers play Legacy of Dead on Twitch

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Along with Book of Dead, Legacy of Dead is another Play'n Go machine that seems to be well received. On the one hand, this is true for customers in the named casinos, and on the other hand, it is just as true for live streamers who are meanwhile very successful with their live broadcasts on Twitch. One aspect that speaks in favor of Legacy of Dead is surely the the famous predecessor as well as the as well as features associated with it.

In any case, these streamers obviously have a preference for Egyptian antiquity:

Roshtein Bolbol Machine Casino Daddy Emma and Eddy
Shirox1980 AlGear Bethunter Clout Seven DeuceAce

Meanwhile, Legacy of Egypt streamers are something like idols for many of their viewers and subscribers. All the better that the slot game is a release that is suitable for everyone and for which you don't need no great previous knowledge required.

At the same time, the aforementioned twitch stars impressively show in their live streams that Legacy of Dead has quite a quite a high profit potential potential – although of course they are always bound to chance and need a portion of luck. need a portion of luckin order to win big.

Roshtein wins at Stake Casino on Legacy of Dead

Legacy of Dead FAQs

  1. Is Legacy of Dead identical to Book of Dead?
  2. Where can I get a Legacy of Dead bonus?
  3. Is there a Legacy of Dead bonus purchase option?
  4. Which Legacy of Dead tricks really work?
  5. How can I play the Legacy of Dead demo without interruption?

1.) Is Legacy of Dead identical to Book of Dead?

Thematically, both slot machines from the popular iGaming studio take the same direction. So, with Book of Dead and also with Legacy of Dead, you have the opportunity to experience the Ancient Egypt to your home. However, there are significant differences between the slots in terms of symbolism, winning odds and functions.

It is clear to see that the creators of Legacy of Dead were inspired by the older Book of Dead slot. Legacy of Dead does not offer a magic book, but it does offer expandable symbolsthanks to which high payouts can be achieved. Which game is the better one in the end is decided by personal taste.

2.) Where can I get a Legacy of Dead bonus?

We have looked at various online casinos and found that at least currently there are no Legacy of Dead Free spins without deposit are available – just like alternative bonus campaigns around the Play'n Go slot.

What is certain, however, is that most providers in the industry do not exclude Play'n Go slots from their promotions, so Legacy of Dead makes it entirely possible to redeem a claimed to convert a claimed starting to be converted.

3.) Is there a Legacy of Dead bonus buy option?

The Bonus Buy feature has been the talk of the town for a few months now. Many iGaming studios now offer their customers the opportunity to secure free spins or other bonus features by making an additional investment. Sometimes Play'n Go does without this option such as Legacy of Dead without this option. Whether and when free spins are activated is therefore solely decided by chance.

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Certainly, a bonus purchase, as offered by competitors such as Pragmatic Play provide, higher chances of winning. However, it also has advantages that Play'n Go does without, because: The costs that such opportunities entail are usually very high and thus anyway only affordable for high rollers.

4.) Which Legacy of Dead tricks really work?

Ever since online slots have existed, numerous supposedly effective gaming strategies have been circulating on the Internet. Sometimes you are supposed to switch slots at certain amounts, sometimes it's about keeping free spins. However, we know from our many years of experience that when playing Legacy of Dead online none of these tricks work effectively.

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The most important thing as a player is to set clear limits for yourself – in terms of playing time, deposits, bets, and especially in terms of maximum in terms of maximum losses. If you know your limits and stick to them, you will enjoy playing in the long run. Whether and when a payment will be made, however, cannot be influenced.

5.) How can I play the Legacy of Dead demo without interruption?

At Play'n Go slot machines like Legacy of Dead there is actually a small disadvantage, because: If the demo version is started without prior registration, it will only run for a few minutes and then stop if there is inactivity. To prevent this from happening, you have to registering in the preferred real money casino possible. Even after logging in, there is of course no obligation to deposit money.

It is possible that Play'n Go aims to encourage interested Legacy of Egypt players to register, whereby they can continue to play without wagering real money. It therefore makes sense to look around for suitable and, above all, reputable online casinos at an early stage. Here at FindCasinoBonus.com you can find Legacy of Dead free demo version try it out.

Our conclusion about Legacy of Dead Slot

Play'n Go knows how to entertain players well and at the same time provide them with a solid and simple basis. solid as well as simple basis basis to achieve winnings. Even the predecessor Book of Dead provided enthusiasm with its simplicity. And at least as far as the selection of bonus symbols is concerned, you can see clear parallels.

A few of the most popular online casinos have the Legacy of Dead slot in their portfolio. There, customers are offered the opportunity to go on a voyage of discovery themselves and to the antiquity of Egypt Egypt in person – without any effort, and even with the chance to win up to 500,000 euros with it.

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Graphically, the Book of Dead successor also cuts a good figure. The motifs as such provide a high high recognition value. If you feel like a trip into the past, you will find in the release clearly a good alternative to the nowadays so popular Book of Slots.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Legacy of DeadAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 92%