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Bolbol Machine Facts
Streamer Name: Bolbol Machine
Real Name: Mehmet "Memo" Durmus

Bolbol machine twitch avatar

Origin: Australia
Residence: Malta
Year of birth: Unknown
Followers: 37,400 (Twitch)
15.200 (Twitter)
317,000 (YouTube)
1.100 (Instagram)
700 (Discord)
41,100 (TikTok)
Favorite provider:
Specialties: Was actually a good friend of MontanaBlack. Joint emigration plans to Malta ended in a big fight.
Highest win: $37,725 (Sticky Diamonds).
Highest multiplier: x754
Net worth: Unknown

Although Mehmet Durmus a.k.a. Bolbolautomat, only at the age of just under 50 years as a YouTuber and Twitch streamer, he quickly achieved a high profile. This is due to the fact that the gamer, who now lives in Malta, is a good friend of the prominent MontanaBlack.

The sudden popularity is often referred to as the the Monte effect, because in fact it can be because in fact it can be assumed that hardly anyone would know Bolbol Automat if he hadn't been brought to streaming by his buddy and pushed by him at the same time.

The two together were for many months an almost unbeatable duoeven wanted to start a WG on Malta foundafter they spent a vacation there together. While Durmus stayed there, MontanaBlack decided without further ado to return to Australia.

Many a stone that was put in the way of Bolbol Automat – including the blocking of his first "memo5o" Twitch channelhas long since been put aside. With new energy and in his adopted home of Malta, he is now taking off and working tirelessly to expand his celebrity. In the meantime, he succeeds even without his previous supporter Monte.

General information about Bolbol Automat

It can be said with a fair degree of certainty that there would be Bolbol Automat without the "Monte effect"from which the streamer benefited, Bolbolautomat would not have made it this far. The idea for streaming came to the elective Maltese rather spontaneously, because the Corona crisis had almost driven him into financial ruin.

Memo Nova Cafe

©Nova-Café | In May 2019, Memo was still celebrating the reopening of his café. In the meantime, it has closed and Bolbol Automat focuses on casino streaming.

For a long time Mehmet Durmus had to close his café, which he opened in the northern Australian town of Jork in the north of Australia. Both MontanaBlack himself and his fans got Bolbol Automat involved with YouTube, and later with Twitch.

It can be assumed that Durmus became prominent rather involuntarily became prominent. After spending his vacation with MontanaBlack on Malta, a Mehmet meme suddenly circulated on social media. The face was thus immediately known throughout the Monte fanbase.

Among them are many who today also faithfully follow Bolbolautomat. In the scene, the man likes to refer to himself as "streaming pensioner"although he should actually be called a newcomer due to the fact that he hasn't been around for very long. But after all, Bol is now over 50 years old. His life experience could bring long-term advantages to the man who has left his homeland and created a new home in Malta – especially in terms of down-to-earthness, which is actually missed by many younger streamers.

In these casinos plays Mehmet Durmus

Bolbol Automat is not the type of streamer who commits to just one provider. Judging by his website as well as Discord Channel, the gamer prefers to play at Online casinos without limits. After all, a betting limit of 1 euro would be too much for the tension of his live streams rather counterproductive. The following companies are currently particularly high on Bol:

BolBol Automat's favorite casinos

It can be inferred from the channel that other providers also play a role. However, we are not able to say much about them, as we have not yet comprehensively comprehensively have checked them yet. With the two online and crypto casinos Bolbolautomat itself as well as its fans are well positioned, as there is neither a lack of payment options nor of high-quality games.

Bol Bol Machine favorite games

Memo, as the streamer calls himself, never misses an opportunity to introduce new slot games and to share the experience with his fans live on camera. Numerous uploads, be it on YouTube or Twitch, make it clear that Bolbol Automat is obviously focusing on bonus slots. Classic table games do not seem to play a role for the streamer so far.

Let's take a look at the casino games that are particularly frequent in the broadcasts:

  • Sticky Diamonds Logo
    Sticky Diamonds

  • Book of Madness

    Book of Madness

  • Legacy of Dead

    Legacy of Dead

  • Sky Warrior

    Sky Warrior

  • Book of Fallen

    Book of Fallen

From the top 5 you can see that Bolbol prefers slots in generalAs the videos make clear, Mehmet presents his viewers with all facets of modern slot games – regardless of whether the focus is on traditional fruits or the ancient world.

When and where does Bolbolautomat stream?

Let's first clarify the question of "where", because it can be answered quickly. The first choice for Bolbol, as for most of the most streamers, Twitch. Currently, the gamer delivers new content on his channel twice a day.He saves finished broadcasts and makes them available to his fans both in the video section there and on YouTube.

At lunchtime, Bolbolautomat usually goes live for an hour, taking the opportunity to chat with his active followers while presenting them with a casino game or two. Durmus spends significantly more time on Twitch in the evening hours, between four and five hours, each from around 5:30 to 6:00 p.m..

Bolbol Automat in the social media

Social media channels play an important role for streamers, because through them it is possible for gamers to stay in touch with their stay in contact with their fans, and of course, to keep them updated on new streaming content and times. Let's take a look at the channels Mehmet Durmus has chosen.

  1. Bolbol Automat on Twitch
  2. UiiiMemo and Bol Bol Automat on YouTube
  3. Memo on Twitter
  4. Casino_Memo on Instagram

Bolbolautomat on Twitch

Twitch Logo
Whether Australia or Malta: Wherever Bolbolautomat aka Mehmet Durmus happens to live, he prefers to use the Twitch channel to stream. The platform obviously offers gamers the best conditions – on the one hand in terms of various functions and settings, but also because good money can be earned with Twitch.

If time permits, Bolbol Automat even goes live twice a day. live twice a day. In this context, we may reveal that the streamer name can be translated from Turkish as "many automata". This hits the nail on the head, because there is definitely no lack of varied slots that Durmus shows live in his streams.

There are on the Bolbol Automat Twitch channel sometimes exclusively the slots section, the streamer has not set up any other categories. As mentioned at the beginning, his focus is on slots, while for him alternatives like live gaming, crypto games or virtual tables obviously do not play a big role.

UiiiMemo and Bol Bol Machine on YouTube

Uiii Memo Youtube

© | It's not entirely clear which YouTube account is still real and whether Bolbol Automat even still uses one of them.

We are by no means mistaken, it is actually the case that Mehmet Durmus has set up two different YouTube channels dedicated to his preference for casino games dedicated to. As UiiiMemo, the YouTuber and gamer is doing particularly well, with around 317,000 subscribers following this channel today. An amazing number, considering that the account has only been around since the end of April 2021.

At the age of 50, Durmus is starting out here after, according to his own account his store had to be closed had to be closed. In April 2019, Bol Bol Automat had already decided to open its first YouTube channel of the same name. Currently, there are only a little more than a handful of Twitch videos to discover here, and the number of followers is also rather manageable at around 260.

Memo on Twitter

Memo Twitter

© | Memo now seems to concentrate mainly on its casino streaming channel. Twitter is also hardly supplied with content.

Mehmet Durmus, who calls himself Memo on Twitter, shows his 15,000 followers calls himself Memoat least shows a few private pictures in his profile. Particular attention is also paid to a video that shows him together with Monte and a young girl. The girl is properly pranked by MontanaBlack, but when he tries to flee from her, he runs into a wall with full force.

There aren't too many tweets on the memo channel, but one thing is clear from the posts: Bolbolautomat has a sense of humor. Overall, there is little to tell, as the streamer only provides the one or other short commentary. However, his fans have to completely do without a wealth of pictures and personal insights here.

The rather meager content could probably have something to do with his post from March 2021. At that time, he confessed to his community that he doesn't get along with Twitter. He can be forgiven for that, because Bolbol Automat provides enough content on its other social media channels. videos and humorous insights into his world. into his world.

Casino_Memo on Instagram

With just under 1500 subscribers, the casino_memo Insta Channel still manageable. However, it has to be explained once again that various channels of the streamer were blocked and he thus had to start rebuilding his community. There is no lack of content on the channel, which, as the nickname suggests, almost all revolves around his preference for slot games.

In the short info at the very top of the Instagram page of the streamer he starts beating the proverbial drum for his other channels – first and foremost YouTube and Twitch. If you have the time, you can take a look at his posts and the highlight videos on the channel and see what content the streamer's own website has to offer.

Every now and then lets Bolbolautomat comes up with exciting raffles for his fans. Participation is then possible via Insta, but it's also worth keeping an eye on the streamer's events on all other channels.

What makes BolbolAutomat stand out

The fact that Mehmet Durmus aka Bol Bol Automat is a seasoned man who is now over 50 years old is something the streamer obviously uses to his advantage. Life experience is always a plus point, because where others quickly lose their nerve, the Twitch star remains comparatively calm and level-headed even in the face of an impending loss.

Despite everything, you can tell that Durmus has remained young at heart. This could be due to his close relationship with the much younger MontanaBlack until recently, or it could simply be his way of keeping his cool. The streamer is known above all for his humor. He clearly has no problem letting about himself – not even when his bizarre meme from Malte made the rounds.

Sometimes, despite the prudent nature of the gamer the feeling that he's a little too full of himself. The saying "XY made eye", which is common in Turkey, is more frequent in Bolbolautomat and means nothing other than that the streamer seems to be convinced of the jealousy of those around him. He especially targets his brother-in-law, about whom we unfortunately don't know much, with the saying.

How did the break with MontanaBlack come about?

Memo Monte Video

© | The recording is from better times. From back when Monte and Memo were inseparable. They even smoked the same brand of cigarettes, as you can see.

The fact that Bolbol Automat suddenly became one of the most famous players on Twitch was not due to his special character or the game selection. Rather, all eyes were on the former MontanaBlack buddy. former MontanaBlack sidekickwhen he broke with his great role model and good friend. The headlines were not long in coming. Apparently Monte and Memoto emigrate to Malta together. However, the plan failed and Marcel Eris decided to return home after all.

Surely it can happen that someone changes his decision. The Durmus's reaction to Monte's "backdown" was, however was, however, by no means the fine English way. Apparently, the latter publicly attacked Montana Black's girlfriend in particular and blamed her for the failure of the plan to build something together in Malta.

As if the insinuation was not enough, Mehmet went one step further and suggested that Monte himself was probably responsible for the Bolbolautomat ban. Whether he needs to put obstacles in the way of his once his once good friend to put stones in the waythat remains to be seen. Durmus, in any case, has kept his decision and stayed in Malta, while Monte still lives in Australia.

Successful start as a "late entrant

Memo has managed to achieve what many other gamers can only can only dream of. And even if you might accuse him of benefiting from the celebrity of his buddy MontanaBlack, his live streams are doing well today – and that's without the support of probably Australia's most famous Twitch star.

Until just a few years ago, Mehmet Durmus apparently didn't have too much to do with slot machines. After Corona forced him to close his café in Jork. it made sense to listen to the many Monte fans and simply try it himself on Twitch. In the meantime, subscriber numbers have been rising steadily, so a solid income can be assumed.

Obviously, you're not too old to play at 50, because at that age you should have enough experience and stability. enough experience and stability to cope well even with a loss. At least Bolbol Automat does not show any frustration in its live streams.

Mehmets Discord Server – this is what fans can expect

Bolbol Automat Discord

©BolBolAutomat | This photo shows Memo's Discord server still with almost 2,000 members. In the meantime the number has decreased a lot. Not even 700 fans follow him here anymore. Let's hope that he will turn the trend around soon.

For all those who can't get enough input and who would like to know, for example, which online casinos Bolbolautomat prefers to use, there is the Discord Channel. However, this is only released with a personal invitation link, because the content is exclusively reserved for people over 18 years of age.

In addition to the "Entrance Hall", visitors to the channel can expect the following sections:

  • Social Media: All channels on which Mehmet Durmus aka Bolbolautomat is currently active are presented here.
  • My Casinos: A selection of the providers where Memo currently prefers to play.
  • Cash Raffle: Means raffles, the winners are listed in the separate category "Raffle Winners".
  • Stream Info: This category ensures that Memo fans will never miss another live broadcast on Twitch. These will be announced well in advance.
  • BigWins: All big wins as videos – the right area to rejoice with the streamer about the big successes.

The chat areas set up beyond that are not necessarily commented on by Bolbol Automat himself, but he also works with moderators as well as bots that ensure a friendly interaction and, despite 18+ default, make sure that no chaos occurs during Durmus' absence – for example, when he is currently playing live on Twitch.

Bolbol vending machine estimated assets

Despite intensive research, unfortunately nothing could be found about about the assets of the streamer, who now lives in Malta. could not be found out. In a video, he introduces fans to his new home and the house in which he currently lives. At least this brief glimpse suggests that Durmus should be doing quite well financially – though he certainly won't come close to matching the market value of his initial supporter Monte.

coins icon
For a solid, but but not million-dollar income is the fact that Bolbol Automat plays in several online casinos, which in all likelihood pay him a fee for his live streams. However, due to the fact that he is not yet too well known, the contracts are likely to be less attractive than those of the big stars of the gaming scene. And by that we don't just mean Monte, but also international competitors like AdinRoss or Roshtein.

In the end, we can assume that Bolbol Automat was able to maintain his previous standard of living, which he earned through his café in northern Australia, and possibly even improve it a little. Pictures with overpriced luxury cars or vacations in the south, which wouldHowever, Durmus does not make any statements that would indicate sudden wealth.

Mehmet Durmus in private

BolbolAutomat family

© | As he repeatedly shows in his stories, family plays an important role for Memo. MontanaBlack was also once part of his "family."

As our research revealed, BolbolAutomat has already been active on Twitch since May 2021, he had created the YouTube channel some time before, but had not filled it with content in the form of gaming videos until then. It was only when the massive dispute between Durmus and Marcel Eris, known to many as MontanaBlack, became known that the rather unassuming elective Maltese, who in the meantime celebrated his 50th birthday, became a streamer on whom all eyes of the Twitch scene were focused.

Personal information is available about Mehmet Durmus is hardly known. All that is known, based on his own statements, is that until he decided to make a career on Twitch, he was a café owner in Jork was. It wasn't until the Corona crisis that he moved into the gambling industry, where he is now quite well established.

As is well known, nothing came of plans to emigrate together with Monte. What Bol Bol does when he's not in front of the camera is a secret. the streamer keeps secret. Nothing is known about a partner, children or other members of his family, and there is little else that can be said about the gamer – with the exception of the fact that he seems to be firmly committed to his newly discovered passion for slot machines passion for slot machines.

Author: Joshua DavidsonRated: Bolbol MachineAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐98%