Reactoonz 2024 – a chain reaction of winnings

Details about Reactoonz


100$ bonus+ 500 free spinsPlay now at Playzilla
Reels: 7
Rows: 7
Min. bet: 0,20$
Max. Bet: 100,00$
Payout Ratio: 96,00%
Max. Win: 91,406 coins
Free Spins: ✔ 
Free of charge: ✔ 

With Reactoonz Play'n Go has hit the real bull's eye landed. The bonus game always leads to exciting reactionsas the title already reveals. They are anything but ordinary, because contrary to our assumption, nothing about playing Reactoonz online is what you would expect from a traditional slot machine.

Reactoonz also has a lot to offer its users in terms of winnings. They benefit in particular from the quite a wide betting rangeso that the slot can be individually adapted to personal needs. At the end of each round are winning prospects, which the provider itself with maximum 91,406 coins stated. Their equivalent value is automatically adjusted to the game stake.

Highlight of the machine are cascading winningsAs soon as a combination is complete, not only is its value paid out, but the symbols also dissolve and make room for new great protagonists – ones that, with a bit of luck, can lead to new winnings right away without any further bet.

Play Reactoonz online – the best casinos

In this country, there are currently not too many online casinos that offer Play'n Go games games in the portfolio. The search has also kept our casino experts a bit busy, as current laws make it difficult for the big iGaming studios, which definitely include Play'n Go, to offer their games.

The good news is that our search for high quality and reputable Reactoonz casinos was successful. For those who fancy the droll companions, which are in the spotlight during the release, there are classic real money casinos as well as the increasingly popular crypto casinos.

Note: Play'n Go slots are only available via VPN in some states. More info on the subject here: Play with VPN

Play Reactoonz for free – with small restrictions

As expected, Play'n Go provides a demo version. However, the playing time is limited, which means that the slot machine generally logs you out after a few minutes of inactivity. As far as that goes, there are clearly many providers who have thought out their demos better. Nevertheless, it is an advantage to Reactoonz for free free of charge.

Unfortunately, with the well-known casino providers, even the registration did not have the desired effect. So, if you want to play without interruptions, the only thing left to do is to distinguish yourself for the deposit in the preferred online casino after all. Advantageously is that already 20 cents game stake per round is sufficient – and on top of that, the first real winnings beckon, which are not to be scoffed at even with the lowest betting risk.

Reactoonz Slot Demo

How Reactoonz works

The fact that Reactoonz does not use the typical paylines for slot typical paylines for slot games is the first thing that stands out. Play'n Go also offers a special structure here, because instead of classic reels, players can expect a 7×7 grid. Combinations of of three and more Reactoonz protagonists is the is the challenge. Winnings result from the bet value chosen by the player, which ranges from 20 cents and 100 euros per round. can be set variably per round.

The title does not come by chance, because as soon as a chain of identical symbols is formed the chain dissolves after the payout of the corresponding winnings and new pictures can new images can move up. From these results, if it goes well, directly a chain reaction – without the need to bet again.

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In plain language, this means that the player only has to start the next round with the preferred bet when the subsequent images cannot trigger any more wins, i.e. no combo has formed. Before that, however, there is an additional chance, which we will explain in more detail in the features section.

Falling symbols can not only cause standard wins, but depending on the constellation, can also lead to the activation of the slot's famous quantum functions for the slot. What exactly this is all about, we will get to all the details in a moment. All in all, the handling is very simple, although the basic concept of Reactoonz is clearly different from what we have known from Play'n Go so far.

Reactoonz teaser video from Play'n Go

These streamers are playing Reactoonz on Twitch.

In fact, Reactoonz by Play'n Go seems to be popular among Twitch streamers is not an unknown slot game. Already some stars of the streamer scene have discovered the release for themselves and include it every now and then in their live broadcasts with it. Reactoonz can be seen particularly often on these providers:

You can't necessarily learn special strategies from the greats on Twitch, but they show that Reactoonz is especially very versatile when it comes to betting options. is. If you like, you can emulate your personal idols in the casinos mentioned above – of course, even with lower stakes than those invested by Roshtein & Co.

Reactoonz bonus features and specials

For the creators, classic extras, such as wild cards and free spins, were apparently not special enough. Play'n Go shows a very creative side when it comes to functionality, especially with the Reactoonz slot. So let's take a quick look at the Reactoonz features right away:

  1. Instability Bonus
  2. Quantum Leap
  3. Gigantoonz Movements

Instability Bonus

Reactoonz Instabilität Bonusrunde
If a round is started and it does not lead to a win 3x, the Gargantoon comes into play. He not only looks whimsical, but also has special abilities.

In the instability bonus round he has the chance to get four to eight wild cardswhich are randomly added to the game field.

If this results in a Quantum Snakethe aforementioned Gargantoon itself takes over the wild and can occupy up to 3×3 fields. When new symbols fall into the field from above, the Gargantoon splits and moves across the fields to create, in the best case new winning combinations new winning combinations.

Quantum Leap

Reactoonz Quantensprung Meter
The Quantum Leap Meter is located to the right of the game field. It continues to charge whenever winning combinations occur and lead to a payout.

If 25 symbols form a so-called quantum snake and the meter is completely filled, the game area is given Quantum Features are added to the game area – up to four of them.

Offered are:

  • Implosions: They cause three to six symbols to turn into Wilds, but before that, surrounding symbols are destroyed.
  • Cuts: This power up allows wilds to be cut in half. This now results in two independent lines that are scored individually. The wild typically takes over completing potential combinations.
  • DestructionOne-eyed symbols are resolved by the red power up, and new images are added to the board from above.
  • Changes: Single one-eyed symbols can be selected with the green Power Up and transform any other symbol.

Gigantoonz Movements

Reactoonz movement
Step four standard symbols of the same type on the reels and together they form a square, they immediately become a new immediately become a new Gigantoonwhich is correspondingly valuable. At the same time, the appearance of these motifs gives you a chance, to win multipliers. With these, the standard win of the respective combination is doubled each time.

How is the slot different from Reactoonz 2?

Reactoonz 2 logo
Almost exactly two years after the official launch of Reactoonz, more precisely in October 2020, has chosen Play'n Go for the release of Reactoonz 2 decided to do so. Graphically, not too much has changed at first glance. Instead, however, the creators are relying on even cooler featureswhich give the slot machine the desired excitement.

New is the Fluctometerwhich can be charged by the appearance of one-column symbols. When the meter is filled, a wild card a Wild Card is placed on the playing field – in random places. In the best case, even up to three Electric Wilds will appear in the online Reactoonz 2 game. up to three Electric Wilds which gives you even more chances to win. The Quantum Meter, which can be charged with standard symbols, has been taken over from the first variant.

Depending on the quantum meter level, the number of charges varies – another innovation compared to the Reactoonz 2 predecessor. Once the filling is done, the Gigantoonz on the reels unleashed, with the support of which, in turn, combinations can be added.

Try Reactoonz 2

Reactoonz FAQs

  1. Where can I play Reactoonz for free?
  2. Which Reactoonz provider is worth playing at?
  3. What Reactoonz winnings are realistic?
  4. Who is behind the Reactoonz slot machine?
  5. Can I play Reactoonz without downloading?

1.) Where can I play Reactoonz for free?

Both with us and in the usual online casinos is the Reactoonz demo for testing available for testing. Mostly, however, playing without betting also requires a Registration with the preferred provider. This ensures the protection of minors and players, as these are of great concern to Play'n Go. It should also be noted that the demo time has been limited to a few minutes in case of inactivity.

However, those who need a bit more time to familiarize themselves with the basics and special features can always start the free version of the slot from the beginning. On the other hand, the process is smooth as soon as you have deposited and a few cents for testing in your hand for testing.

2.) Which Reactoonz provider is worth playing at?

The question about the best Reactoonz Casino can hardly be answered in a general way. We have compiled a list with our favorites we have compiled. One basic requirement that the preferred provider should bring along is a reputable gambling license. Provided other factors, such as attractive bonuses, secure payment methods and a reliable supportIf the odds are consistent, there is usually nothing to stop you from choosing this casino.

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Win rates and the Reactoonz RTP (payout percentage) are fixed by the provider. As far as this is concerned, it therefore doesn't matter which company Play'n Go fans choose. The general conditions of the slot machine are identical for all providers.

3.) Which Reactoonz winnings are realistic?

As with all slot machines, the amount of the round bet is also decisive for what winnings can be achieved. According to Play'n Go the the upper limit is 91,406 coinsThe conversion of the same is done automatically in relation to the bet amount.

Of course, from a purely mathematical point of view, high bets are more rewarding than low ones. However, regardless of this, the personal budget as the measure of all things In the end, the most important thing is that Reactoonz is fun to play, and that it is not very helpful to invest more than is actually feasible into the game.

4.) Who is behind the Reactoonz slot machine?

The developer of Reactoonz slot, provider Play'n Go is a company with many years of many years of experience in the gambling industry. This was already founded in 2004, in the time the label has has published well over 150 high-quality published. Meanwhile, Play'n Go slots are optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

5.) Can I play Reactoonz without downloading?

Like most providers, Play'n Go also relies on the following for Reactoonz modern HTML5 technology. This makes the installation of special software unnecessary. If you are interested in playing Reactoonz without download directly in the preferred browser, can therefore do so without any problems in the selected casino. In the meantime, there are hardly any casinos worldwide that require a download. This not only saves time, but also storage space.

Our Reactoonz conclusion

Gargatoon PlaynGo
Unusual functions, winnings as a chain reaction as well as attractive odds – all these aspects make Reactoonz to a real hit game of the Play'n of the Play'n Go brand. Thanks to entertaining protagonists that are out of this world, good mood immediately arises regardless of bets and winning prospects.

Although the creators have chosen features that are definitely not commonplace, the Reactoonz slot impresses with its simplicitybecause: If chance wills it, the features will be activated automatically. So you don't need neither skill nor special strategies to to score points here.

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In the most popular Play'n Go partner casinos, besides Reactoonz, you can also find the newer Reactoonz 2 slot is also available. So if you like, you can always take the opportunity to compare both games and decide for yourself which one performs better.

Author: Joshua DavidsonRated: ReactoonzAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 93%