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Aircool Facts
Streamer Name: Aircool
Real Name: Brian Stern

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Origin: Tacoma, Washington
Year of Birth: 1997
Followers: 926,200 (Twitch)
42,700 (Twitter)
87,900 (YouTube)
643,200 (TikTok)
141,000 (Instagram)
Favorite provider: Duelbits
Specialties: Loves to travel, Fortnite gamer from the beginning, is friends with Corinna Kopf
Highest win: n/a
Highest multiplier: n/a
Net worth: unknown

Already end of 2021 American-born Brian Stern, who goes by the pseudonym Aircool, has launched the casino streaming for himself. Like many casino streamers, he originally originally from the gaming scenehis passion includes computer games such as H1Z1, Call of Duty and Fortnite and at times he even played professionally in teams.

Not much private information is known about the twenty-something, only that Stern likes to travel and is also on the lookout for the woman for life for life. Despite numerous rumors about a relationship with Influencer Corinna Kopf he should still be unattached.

Brian was born on May 14, 1997 in Tacoma, Washington. Today, according to his YouTube videos, he doesn't seem to be really at home in any place, as he is constantly on the road on the road. Nevertheless, he regularly provides his meanwhile quite large community with casino live streams on a regular basis.

By graduating from college without a degree to become a streamer, he literally put all his eggs in one basket. Fortunately, success was not too long in coming: Brian Stern is considered wealthy, details of his income are not known.

General information about Brian Stern

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Brian aka Aircool Is a streamer and YouTuber with heart and soul. His career started in 2016 with with H1Z1, at which time Stern was just 19 years old.

No sooner was Fortnite was released in September 2017 was released, Aircool turned his attention to the new shooter game. Initially, he worked for Team Evade later he switched to Enterprise Gaming. Aircool still plays videogames, but in the meantime he has also discovered casino games.

Aircool got a big boost in popularity when he won the winning the 5k giveawaythe Casino Streamer TrainwrecksTV in donated in February 2022 had.

Not least the European Trainwrecks fans, who might not have heard of Aircool before, might have become aware of the American through this event.

Brian Stern's favorite casino games

For classics and crypto games Aircool has undoubtedly has a knack. Mainly he dedicates himself in the live streams however to the category slot machines. This is known to be multifaceted, especially since at Duelbits, where Brian plays. The casino is considered extremely versatile and holds for ambitious players not only top-class slots but also Provably Fair Games and a whole series of live tables.

The game favorites of Aircool are:

For games like Blackjack Aircool likes to place higher stakes than with slot machines; in the latter case, these usually amount to sums in the middle double digits. This means that Brian Stern does not seem to be a born high roller as it is known from other streamers, including Montana Black. Montana Black or even Adin Ross is used to. The one or other bonus buy option the American does not miss out on.

When and where does Aircool stream?

The American has already gained a few years of experience in the gaming industry, especially with games like Fortnite. His casino sessions Aircool broadcasts on Twitch. But he also broadcasts on other platforms, including TikTok and YouTubethe gamer is also present on other platforms. There, of course, it's less about live broadcasts and more about the distribution of videos and realswhich mostly show excerpts from the streams broadcast on Twitch.

The question about the preferred casino can be answered easily, because quite obviously Aircool has a cooperation with Duelbits. The casino is specialized in crypto gambling. Which digital currency Brian prefers is not clear from the videos and streams, as the value of the the value of the bets in US dollars is shown.

Aircool is currently playing at Duelbits Casino

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Aircool usually goes up to five times a week for four to six hours live. These are average values, which follow the Twitch schedule schedule.

One disadvantage is that the American posts all his live sessions in the section "Just Chatting" section. So you can't tell how much time Brian spends playing casino games. Because in between he devotes himself to computer games like Fortnite, his Cooking streams or chats with his fans.

Aircool on social media

Brian Stern is active on all major social media platforms, publishing a wide variety of content: on the topics such as gaming, travel or about Dating.

  1. Aircool on Twitch
  2. Aircool on YouTube
  3. ItsAircool on Twitter
  4. Aircool on Instagram
  5. Aircool on TikTok

Aircool on Twitch

Its Twitch profile description Brian is living his dream "Stream by Stream". In the info box you can also find links to other channels as well as casino promotions from Duelbits. As already noted, not all streams revolve around casino games, Aircool is very versatile active and thus inspires several target groups at once. In the meantime, the gamer is scratching the 1 million follower marka clear indication of his growing success. His Twitch videos have already been clicked more than 8.1 million times.

Computer games such as Fortnite continue to inspire Aircool, with the trend is since the end of 2021 more and more in the direction of towards casino gaming. There are weeks in which Aircool delivers new Twitch live streams every day. Those who can't be there directly, have the opportunity to in the aftermath the possibility to watch videos in the to look at the videos sectionwhat the gamer experienced and how much he won in the casino.

Aircool on YouTube

At least once a week Aircool delivers new content on its main channel, which currently has around 88,000 fans follow. The focus here is not on gambling, but rather on Brian taking his fans on his travels. on his travels. It almost looks like Aircool has traveled the world, from Mykonos to Hawaii and Australia.

It is especially noticeable that in the YouTube videos of Aircool again and again women play a role. women play a role. Right at the front is Corinna Head. But also other female influencersYouTube users are certainly known, can be in front of running camera on a flirt with Aircool on camera. Brian Stern himself makes no secret of the fact that he is still single is single.

ItsAircool on Twitter

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On the Twitter channel Brian Stern shows himself from a more personal side more personal side. For example, he tweeted on the occasion of Father's Day a joint photo with his father.

Also with a bunch of roses in his hand on Twitter. The snapshot bears the accompanying text "Trying to find love“.

The streamer is likely to maintain an equally close connection with his mother. With a photo from his youth he congratulated her on the Mother's Day And thanked her for believing in him.

Aircool on Instagram

To his 141,000 fans on Instagram, Aircool presents himself as a Gaming Video Creator Aircool. Those who already follow him on Twitter Twitter, you will quickly notice that most of his most images on the two social channels are identical are identical. Here, too, Brian gives his subscribers an insight into his private life and his travels. Numerous photos have been taken in every imaginable country in the world, including in front of the illuminated Eiffel Tower.

Thanks to Instagram, the community knows that Aircool is not only sympathetic parentsbut apparently also a brother brother. His name is not known, nor what he does for a living. All in all, the content offered by Aircool on Instagram content is quite manageable. Nevertheless, the gamer experiences quite a large response to the few personal insights.

Aircool on TikTok

Just how versatile and creative Brian Stern is can be seen not least on his almost 650,000 followers heavy TikTok channel.

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The great response to his short videos is is surprising, since Aircool doesn't provide too much content here. However, when he does do the honors, most of the time women play women play a role. Especially Corinna Kopf appears again and again together with Aircool.

Most often there are Fortnite sessions on TikTok to see. As explained at the beginning, Aircool has been dedicated to the strategy game since day one. It is particularly noticeable that he uses the Neoversa skin in solo mode. plays. Neoversa is a plus skin developed specifically for the Playstation, which Brian uses on the PC.

Aircool – one of the first Fortnite professional players

aircool fortnite
Aircool discovered his passion for computer games at the age of 19. passion for computer games. Like some streamers before, Brian dedicated himself to first dedicated himself to H1Z1but quickly moved on to to Call of Duty, then from 2017 also Fortnite from 2017. Aircool has been involved in the PC strategy game since day one.

Quite soon, the first team was Evade, the first team for which Aircool played. Some time later this team was taken over by Overtime, whereupon Brian changed to Enterprise Gaming. changed to Enterprise Gaming is said to have changed. This organization seems to have disappeared from the scene. Already in 2020, Aircool has stopped stopped playing Fortnite professionally game.

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For some time he was listed by Enterprise Gaming as a content creator, but today the American apparently only plays for private pleasure. As already indicated, he has never lost the desire for Fortnite, but the focus is now directed much more towards casino streams.

Aircool and Corinna Kopf: friendship or more?

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Aircool shares a friendship with fellow streamer Corinna Kopf. On his YouTube channel, he regularly publishes regularly publishes joint videos with the influencer, and for a time the two even lived together on a farm in farm in Florida. Since the farmhouse was undergoing renovation, the two shared the living space in a trailer set up in front of it.

Despite their private closeness to each other, Corinna and Brian were were never officially in a relationshipbut Aircool stirs up rumors of an affair every now and then. rumors about an affair. Thus, he has let it slip that he has never laid a hand on himself since he started living with Corinna. On the other hand, both he and the influencer claim that they are just friends. merely friends are.

Joint video of Corinna and Aircool.

The Aircool merch store and the "Air Seventy-Two" brand.

aircool hoodie
Aircool has not only opened its own online store, but with "Air Seventy-Two" also its own clothing brand founded. Currently sold are some hoodies and t-shirtsso the product selection is manageable.

Particularly striking is the black hoodie with the inscription "Too busy writing history to read it". In addition, you can always find a skull with red crosses above the eye sockets on the clothes.

There really isn't much to discover here yet, but that could change with growing awareness in the casino streaming scene.

In addition, Aircool points out at the end of the webpage that the sign up for the newsletter is worthwhile. The streamer sends out updates and exclusive offers via the newsletter.

5K Giveaway: Aircool wins in raffle of Trainwrecks

It's not only in casino gaming that Aircool proves to have a lucky hand again and again. Also at a Rafflewhich the casino streamer TrainwrecksTV at the beginning of 2022 he successfully participated.

Tyler Niknam, Trainwrecks' real name, is known for regularly losing large sums of money. However, when luck is with him, he likes to share his success. On New Year's Day, Tyler had won around 5.7 million U.S. dollars. 5.7 million US dollars. Without further ado, he decided to, to raffle off one million US dollars among its fans.the equivalent of about 880,000 euros.

The main prize was valued at 5,000 was set. This jackpot was won by none other than Aircool. For Trainwrecks itself, such events provide an opportunity to attract new subscribers. The participation was only possible after after signing up for a Twitch subscription. After that, the participants had to write the number 21 in the chat. The chat almost collapsed under the large number of entries.

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The tweet from Aircoolthanking the participants for winning the contest, received a similar many critical comments as nice words. Some were disappointed that they had not won themselves, while others were annoyed that supposedly only participants who are already rich win. already rich already rich. A few were sportive and officially congratulated Aircool on his win.

Aircool – versatile guy with numerous passions

Brian Stern is gamer and streamer at heartbut also has many other interests like cooking and traveling. Aircool seldom cooks alone, usually he receives support from pretty women like Corinna Kopf. In general, it looks like Brian enjoys female company a lot.

On TikTok Brian shows a lot of naked skin, and also around kissing videos viewers of his channel can not avoid. Corinna is by no means the only one who appears in front of Aircool's camera. In several videos, the gamer presents himself in the pool together with Alyssa Kulani. The young blonde gained her fame primarily through pictures in underwear and bikinis. On YouTube she is followed by about 700,000 fans.

Aircool estimated net worth

Estimates are circulating on the Internet, according to which the fortune of the American casino streamer is somewhere between between one and five million US million. Unfortunately, these figures cannot be substantiated.

However, the fact that Aircool earns about about 7,000 US dollars a month from his Twitch live streams alone, even before he started playing on Duelbits, is only a rough estimate. rough estimatebased on the number of subscribers he has. Nevertheless, it is safe to assume that Brian is earning a solid income, especially now thatespecially now that he is a casino streamer active.

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On one photo Aircool shows himself in front of an expensive red sports car. However, if you look closely and read the accompanying text, you will learn that it is the car of a buddy of a friend. So the car does not belong to Brian himself. It is unclear whether he is in possession of a vehicle at all. Also the farmon which he temporarily lived together with Corinna Kopf, is probably not his but belongs to the streamer.

Other websites put the gamer's fortune at only around 200,000 USD, which is certainly too low. The truth will be somewhere in between, although it is safe to assume that his total wealth is constantly growing.

Brian Stern private

Aircool, whose real name is Brian Stern has made a name for himself as a YouTuber and Twitch gamer made a name for himself. For this career, the American left left college prematurely. Although he doesn't have a degree in his pocket, it didn't take long for him to gather a huge fan base around him. For them, Aircool showed himself at the beginning primarily while playing Fortnite in front of the camera, and even today he is obviously an ambitious computer gamer.

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Little is known about the gamer's private life. Currently he does no relationshipbut is very close to the well-known influencer and streamer Corinna Kopf very close. Some claim that Aircool is currently concentrating on his Twitch career, but tweets and photos show that Brian Stern apparently doesn't like being single. He is constantly looking for the love of his life.

Although Aircool has been streaming for many years, he has revealed little personal only little personal found out. With his parents he shows himself in various photos, as well as at the side of his brother. side of his brother. However, neither names nor further private information can be found about all three of them.

Aircool describes his family as his motivation. At least that's what he said in a tweet he sent off on May 14, 2020. In the photo, Brian Stern can be seen with all his family members, mother, father and brother, on the occasion of his 23rd birthday.

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