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Details about Stack'em


1.000$ bonus+ 100 free spinsPlay now at Lucky Dreams
Reels: 5
Rows: 6
Min. bet: 0,20$
Max. Bet: 100,00$
Payout Ratio: 96,20%
Max. Win: 10.000x
Free Spins: ✔ 
Bonus Buy: ✔ 
Free of charge: ✔ 

After Hacksaw Gaming debut Stick'em, the developer has taken on a new challenge with Stack'em for a similarly entertaining as well as lucrative successor. decided.

On a 5 x 6 grid presents main character Canny the Cantranslated Canny the Can, presents various symbols. Only when these appear in clusters, i.e. there are several adjacent matches there are several adjacent matches, it comes to the payout.

The stakes can be worth it when playing Stack'em online, because depending on the betting option, there are winnings of up to one million possible. At the same time, users benefit from the 96,2% quite solid payout rate.

Hacksaw Gaming is very accommodating here – also with regard to the minimum stake. minimum stake which is set at 20 cents which is even affordable for beginners.

It's not only the winning prospects that put you in a good mood, Canny the can also exudes her very own charm here. Both she and the black mouse next to the reels give Stack'em its special special liveliness.

Play Stack'em online – the best casinos 2024

There are already several renowned online casinos that successfully work with the Maltese provider Hacksaw Gaming cooperate. The studio has been approved by both the MGA Malta as well as by the UK Gambling Commission and by the Isle of Man Gambling Authority, which means that the speaks for its seriousness – especially with regard to fair winning opportunities.

By the way, the maker of Stack'em – Hacksaw Gaming – is not only triple licensed, but also has an ISO certificate received.

Those who are interested in the casino game are now spoilt for choice between various proven providers, so we have compiled a list of the most popular Stack'em casinos compiled:

Play Stack'em for free – this is how it works

The opportunity to try Stack'em for free and familiarize yourself with the special features always exists. On the one hand, the software manufacturer provides the demo version of the slot machine itself – on the company's own website. On the other hand, online gambling sites offer the option, between real money and demo mode and demo mode.

information icon
Stack'em Online does not require too much practice. However, it can be advantageous to explore betting options, features and winning possibilities before betting for free before betting – especially to see what the impact of changing the bet amount is.

Typically, most providers today require a registration. This does not oblige to deposit, but only serves to ensure the protection of minors. Because even if Stack'em reminds a bit of children's movies, playing is under 18 years is not allowed.

Stack'em Slot Demo

Stack'em game rules – this is how the slot works

A special feature of Stack'em Online is that the creators do without classic reels and paylines. Instead they offer a Cluster Pays conceptas it is known in the the online slot machines has already proven itself several times. The grid consists of five columns as well as six rows.

The challenge: The more stacked symbols appear, the faster it comes to attractive winnings.

As always, Hacksaw Gaming leaves it up to each player to determine the bet amount per round. The starting point is 20 cents, whereby the the upper limit is reached with 100 is reached – regardless of the bonus purchasewhich we will discuss in more detail in a moment.

? We can't take the decision for the stake away from our readers. However, with Stack'em it is advantageous that the table adjusts all odds automatically adjusts all odds to the selected amount. So you can see here directly what effects the personal decision on potential profits. has.

The special thing about Cluster Pays machines like this one is that it only five or more identical, consecutive motifs are the payout occurs. In addition, more than 25 hits are possible, which of course means significantly higher odds can arise.

Stack'em bonus features and specials

There is clearly no shortage of extras at Stack'em Online. Hacksaw Gaming has really come up with a lot to ensure that there are always some to guarantee tension arcs during the rounds. This is mainly due to the following functions listed here:

  1. Multipliers
  2. Surprise symbol
  3. Free spins
  4. Joker
  5. Bonus Buy Option


In the course of the game there are several ways to to increase the win factor.

Stackem multipliers

  • Firstly, this happens whenever identical symbols appear stacked.
  • On the other hand, at any time the X symbol can appear. If it joins a combination, the multiplier multiplier is once again significantly increased – namely up to 30 times of the base win.

The special feature of the X symbolIt can only appear during the free spins.

The exact factor is displayed directly under the reels when playing Stack'em online. Further chances to win arise from the fact that symbols that do not fit into combinations are removed from the playing field.

Surprise Symbol

Stackem question mark
Whenever the question mark appears in the game game, it can reward players with either additional free game rounds or with increased multipliers multipliers.

Of course, you can't predict when question shows will appear. However, they are the ones that provide the desired excitement in Stack'em.

Free spins

Stackem Free Spins Icon
As with most slot machines, in the case of Stack'em. requires at least three FS symbols are required to award players with Free Spins free spins. The bonus images can be recognized by the little black mouse, which catches the eye.

In form of hearts Stack'em shows the number of remaining free spins over the reels – starting with five free spins. five free spins.

  • As long as hearts are present, additional game rounds can be claimed without can be claimed.
  • Here, the win multiplier increases in parallel.

Wild Card

Stackem Wild
The Wild Card is displayed as such in the game. As expected, its task is to to complete combinations universallyIf a standard symbol is missing, it can be used to win. The only exception this time is the scatter symbolwhich in principle cannot be replaced by wild by jokers.

Important to know: Combinations of multiple wild cards may occur, the wild card has no value of its own in Stack'em no counter value of its own.

Bonus Buy Option

Buy Stackem Free Spins
For 129 times the base bet you can get >tack'em free spins as a bonus buy secure. If the investment is desired, the free spins start automatically.

In the long run, it certainly makes sense, to weigh the costs and benefits, because: As expected, the Bonus Buy does not turn out to be quite favorable. If you want to invest less, you have the possibility to adjust the basic stake downwards directly in the opened Bonus Buy window. basic stake downwards.

These streamers play Stack'em on Twitch

Canny the can, which plays a central role in Stack'em, has obviously made it so some of the top streamers have taken a liking to it. They showcase the release every now and then on their Twitch channels, but also on YouTube fans can watch how the can is played on Stack'em slot can give you huge winnings result.

It must be clearly stated that most successful streamers like to place high place high stakes. The excitement is correspondingly high when combinations start to form or bonus features become active. Let's take a look at which Twitch stars have already acquired a taste for the game:

idea icon
It is quite interesting to watch the experienced gamers playing Stack'em, because each of them has his own way of dealing with betting options and winning features – first of all the available bonus buy – first and foremost.

Of course, there's nothing to stop you from getting a first taste here, for example on Twitch or even YouTube, in order to emulate the greats of the scene afterwards. As already mentioned no high investments are requiredso that even those Stack'em fans get their money's worth who, for example, only want to bet 1 euro instead of 10 and more.

Video: Roshtein wins at Stack'em

Stack'em FAQs

  1. Is the Stack'em Bonus Buy feature mandatory?
  2. How is Stack'em different from Stick'em?
  3. Where can I find Stack'em game rules?
  4. Do I need a Stack'em download?
  5. How many paylines does Stack'em have?

1.) Is the Stack'em Bonus Buy feature mandatory?

The bonus buy feature that Hacksaw Gaming provides on Stack'em slot is, as usual, only an an option. Players can decide for themselves at any time whether or not to make use of it. The advantage of the bonus buy is that immediately start free spins can be started immediately, which have a quite a high winning potential bring with them.

idea icon
With all the anticipation of first winnings, you should of course not disregard the costs, which can be as much as 129 times the standard bet but turn out to be quite high. It can be useful to apply features sporadically, but a bonus purchase is by no means a must at Stack'em.

2.) How is Stack'em different from Stick'em?

The most important similarity of the two slot machines is Canny the Can, a good-humored can that sees itself as a lucky charm – and with which you can really have a lot of fun. However, as far as the features are concerned, there are some differences between Stick'em and its successor Stack'em. some differences.

Stick'Em picture
Wins up to 2,048 times the stake is offered by Stick'emwhen thumbs occur. In addition, players can expect a lot of free spins as well as high multipliers on the bonus wheel. All three features have been enhanced in the successor replaced by new extras which are certainly similarly appealing, but still quite different from the first version.

3.) Where can I find Stack'em game rules?

As a player, you don't have to visit dozens of websites to find out about about the basics and specifics of Hacksaw Gaming Stack'em. to find out about it. A comprehensive explanation of the available extras is provided by our team of authors directly in the corresponding Stack'em Slot Test.

If you also need details about winning odds, the game itself provides all the important answers. The Stack'em paytable can be found under "Info" in the menu of the slot machine. On the one hand, it shows the odds adjusted to the stake, and on the other hand, it explains in detail which special features have to be taken into account during the game.

4.) Do I need a Stack'em download?

No. In the meantime, there are hardly any online casinos that require their customers to download software. The game can therefore be played directly in the browser browser, which on the one hand allows fast game entry is ensured and, on the other hand, no storage space is required on the device used – whether desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Slot machines of the current generation are usually based on HTML5 technologywhich makes them compatible with all systems from Windows to Android and iOS. Accordingly, Stack'em can be played not only without download, but also on any device preferred by the user. It is important to subject it to regular updates, as this is the only way to get the best possible performance can be ensured.

5.) How many paylines does Stack'em have?

What makes Stack'em stand out is that the developers do not use paylines at all. Cluster Pays is a meanwhile established game concept, in which the aim is to group as many identical to group as many identical symbols as possible. This works not only horizontally, but in any direction.

At the same time, the cluster system results in another special feature: while slots with paylines usually have three identical symbols from left to right right for a win, Stack'em requires at least five at least groups of five must occur for a payout to occur. Up to 30 matches are possible thanks to the structure, with the maximum win being achieved whenever a cluster consists of 25 symbols consists.

Stack'em game and casinos: Our conclusion

Stackem win
Whenever Canny invites the can to play, one is entertainment and excitement are sure. Stack'em may have various peculiarities, but in principle works just as simple as bonus slots with traditional reels and paylines.

Means, no experience is neededto go in search of the most valuable clusters possible.

Especially the various extras make sure that Stack'em also multifaceted in the long term and that there is no monotony. After all, you never know when wilds, multipliers or symbol stacks will be will come into play. This is exactly what provides the desired thrill, whereby the release is also suitable for short moments in between. moments in between in between.

Fairness and seriousness are guaranteed in the presented Hacksaw Gaming partner casinos guaranteed. A comparison of several providers can be worthwhile for stack'em play, because the biggest differences are usually found in the area of available starting credits and other bonus offers.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Stack'emAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%