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Scurrows Facts
Streamer Name: Scurrows
Real Name: Theo Bottlander

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Origin: Siegen, Australia
Residence: Madeira
Followers: 4,600 (
184.300 (Twitch)
39.800 (Twitter)
205.000 (YouTube)
15.900 (Discord)
51,400 (Instagram)
15,600 (TikTok)

Favorite provider: Stake
Specialties: GTA player with his own roleplay server, active in casino streaming since May 2022, lives in a shared apartment with OrangeMorange in Madeira
Highest win: n/a
Highest multiplier: n/a
Net worth: unknown

Theo Bottländer, as the Twitch streamer Scurrows real name, was born as a GTA player successful. It wasn't until May 2022 the native of Siegen decided to do so, Casino games to stream. The majority of his followers might have been surprised by exactly that, as Scurrows had shortly before still critical about casino streaming and especially against Monte the Australian shot sharply.

He has maintained his passion for GTA 5 to this day, in his live streaming sessions he dedicates himself to computer games, slots, live games, and crypto games from from Stake. Scurrows started casino streaming around the same time as flatmate Orange Morange who also plays at Stake Casino. The two of them live together on Madeira.

Scurrows and OrangeMorange know each other from Australia, it was Theo Bottländer who convinced his buddy to turn his back on home.

Madeira has become the home of choice for many home of many streamers and and YouTubers, and it's an open secret that social media bigwigs there enjoy Tax advantages but life as such is also supposed to be significantly decelerated, as housemate OrangeMorange revealed in an interview.

General information about Scurrows

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Scurrows, whose real name is Theo Bottländer does not reveal much about himself. His career as a GTA player is unprecedented, he owns his own roleplay server. own roleplay server, which he continues to maintain alongside casino streaming. In February 2022, numerous influencers congratulated him on his birthday on YouTube, but how old Bottländer has become remains his secret. He is estimated to be in his Mid to late 30s.

The streamer keeps generally coveredabout his private life personal life. Nothing is known about his parents, siblings or partnerships. However, there is one exception, because during a live stream he was called by ex-girlfriend Lisa. His current relationship status on the other hand, is unclear. Various posts, specifically on Instagram and Twitter, suggest that Bottländer may have may have Turkish roots. could have Turkish roots. However, this assumption cannot be proven beyond doubt.

For a long time it was quiet on Twitch around the experienced GTA player. Against his long-term ban he successfully appealed against his long-term ban, and that over several instances. Today, Scurrows is back in business, and since his comeback he is now also involved in casino games. One he has made a deal with Stake, butbut no information about the conditions has leaked out so far.

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Only his answer to the statement from Reved (Antonia Stab) that Influencer like him certainly earn 40,000 $ per month.has become known. There he answered that he earned much less before his casino streams. However, he did not say whether he really earns more now. However, it can be assumed that it was worth it for him financially.

Gamer with huge GTA community

GTA5 logo
Family Life is the server where Scurrows for a long time plays GTA5. It seems that at some point there was some stress with his partners, so the statement was in the room he would soon be on a new own server called GTA New Life play. However, this announcement never really came true. However, the server has moved in the meantime and now offers some additional features and functions. And also the problems seem to be solved by now, because Scurrows is still active on Family Life and a part of the team. Announced by Theo Bottländer in March 2022, with the indication that this should go online in the next six months.

Interestingly, even before Scurrow's debut in the GTA 5 game, thousands of fans were already tuning in to his streaming channel on Twitch. Contrary to what many believe, it wasn't the first-person shooter with its focus on fast cars and wild car chases that Bottländer used to celebrate his debut in live streaming. Before he came to it, he was already active with Fifa 17has streamed in that area alone streamed more than 560 hours. The last time the Australian stood on the virtual turf was in July 2017.

Scurrows casino deal after criticism of Monte

© | MontanaBlack and Scurrows criticized each other for their casino streams.

It was also their casino streams that resulted from Montana Black and Knossi famous personalities made famous personalities out of Montana Black and Knossi. Although they had been active on social media for a long time before they switched to gambling, the slot streams helped them make their breakthrough.

Exactly for this in particular, earned Monte von Scurrow's fierce criticism. This spoke itself still in the autumn 2021 against casino streams and made his anger about the fact that Monte of all people gambled slots, properly air.

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Barely half a half a year later Scurrows apparently changed his mind after Stake offered him a deal. Stake offered him a deal offered him a deal. Monte was correspondingly quick to react, accusing Theo Bottländer of double standards and was already of the opinion that his FIFA pack openings were basically nothing more than gambling.

The change of mindthat Scurrows has apparently undergone, he himself justified with his business sense, you earn as a casino streamer more than it would ever be possible with GTA 5. At least Bottländer stands openly to the fact that the offer of the casino was tempting was tempting and he therefore put his concerns behind him.

Scurrows plays at Stake:


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  • Bonus: 500$
  • Rating: Excellent
  • Foundation: 2017
  • Online since: 2017
  • Customers: n/a
  • License:
    • Curacao Gaming

  • Software:
    • Pragmatic Play
    • Nolimit City
    • Gamomat
    • NetEnt
    • Yggdrasil Gaming
    • Gameart
    • Betsoft Gaming
    • Evolution Gaming
    • Red Tiger
    • Thunderkick
    • Push Gaming
    • Quickspin
    • Playson
    • Elk Studios
    • Habanero
    • Wazdan
    • Hacksaw Gaming
    • Relax Gaming
    • BigTimeGaming
    • iSoftBet
    • PlayNGo

Theo Bottländer's favorite games

Pragmatic Play
Scurrows does it like most stake streamers, because he also shows his followers every conceivable facet of crypto casino, starting with the originals, also known as Crypto Games, to slots from well-known brands, be it Pragmatic Play, Hacksaw Gaming or even iSoftBet, to name just three. Bottländer seems to particularly favor these titles:

Scurrows is also enthusiastic about live games like roulette and blackjack. he lingers only briefly before he switches to one of the mentioned games, but also to another slot machine. His bets are flexibleand often Scurrows invests significantly smaller amounts than TrainwrecksTV, Adin Ross and other streamers.

When and where does Scurrows stream?

For his live streams Theo Bottländer has chosen and Twitch for his live streams, both platforms that offer numerous interesting features and where the best conditions are provided. The reason why Scurrows is streaming more and more on is that there are simply better conditions for the streamers. And of course also because casino streams can still be played there in the Stake Casino. However, he does not seem to want to give up Twitch completely. Even though he now not only streams casino games, but also plays GTA5 on Kick, he is still active on Twitch.

Scurrows occasionally publishes recordings of his streams on YouTube. At the moment, it looks like he's not going to do that. And prefers to concentrate completely on the streams live in front of the camera camera. There he is closer to his fans, who have the possibility to get in touch with him via the live chat. to get in contact with him.

This clarifies where Scurrows streams when you want to watch him play. The only question that remains is the times. It has to be stated that Theo Bottländer usually starts starts around 3 p.m.similar to his roommate and good friend OrangeMorange who can sometimes even be seen in the Scurrows live streams. is.

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Several hours a day Scurrows sits in front of a running camera, because he is with heart and soul a Full-time streamerSo he's not doing anything else for a living. If you want to know exactly when and where Scurrows is online, you should follow him on the other social media channels. There he will always let you know in time when he will be online.

Scurrows in the social media

Since the creation of his first accounts in 2016 Scurrows has become a true social media professional. He obviously knows what content interests the community and how to present himself. However, it is a little surprising that his activity is currently very manageable Theo Bottländer hasn't posted anything new on many platforms for some time. no new posting for quite some time.

  1. Scurrows on
  2. Scurrows on Twitch
  3. Scurrows on YouTube
  4. Scurrows on Twitter
  5. Scurrows on Instagram
  6. Scurrows on Discord

Scurrows on is well on its way to becoming the new home of Scurrows. At least what the topic Slotsstreaming he has already arrived on the new streaming platform. Of course, this is also due to the fact that it is no longer possible to play live on Twitch in front of spectators at Stake Casino.

But Scurrows doesn't just seem to be doing his casino streams to but he streams more and more content on this platform. Even when it comes to the topic of GTA5 as well as Family Life, he is increasingly sitting in front of the camera on Kick. And the success proves him right. He still has far fewer followers here than on other platforms, but the number is rising rapidly. And within a week of signing up, he already has almost 5,000 fans on the new streaming channel. new streaming channel collect.

Scurrows on Twitch

Scurrows Twitch

© | The number of followers has barely increased lately.

As a Twitch streamer, Scurrows has been active since November 2016. Barely two years later, however, he was bannedand not just for a short time, but for no less than three years. three years. Today he is back with new energy as well as a new task. While Bottländer streamed streamed Fifa 17 and GTA in the early dayshe dedicated himself afterwards on his Twitch channel preferentially to the Stake Casino portfolio.

But in the meantime, streams from this online casino have been banned. Therefore, Scurrows has also switched to Nevertheless, it seems that he is still active on Twitch. At least for now, he continues to stream GTA5 and other computer games. However, the streams are becoming less and less frequent.

Despite the lack of information on Twitch, it is known that Scurrows prefers to stream in the afternoon. The time difference between Australia and Madeira is one hour, so when Scurrows goes live, it's 2 or 3 p.m. in his adopted country, in Australia 15 or 16 o'clock.

Scurrows on YouTube

With 210,000 subscribers the YouTube channel is the strongest Scurrows has to offer. What it currently lacks, however, is up-to-date content or videos featuring Theo Bottländer in his new role as a stake streamer. There used to be one or the other video on Youtube, but there are currently none to be found there. The only hint that the platform is not completely dead is under channel info, where he informs about his streams every now and then or otherwise makes an announcement.

It is quite a pity that the videos are no longer available. In these there was always something to laugh about. They sometimes even make the gamer a little sympathetic, because they show that he doesn't take even negative things too seriously.

The YouTube channel is not only the one with the most subscribers, but also the oldestBottländer has to show. On it, the streamer is already active since mid-June 2016and it is to be hoped that Scurrows will soon be around the corner with new exciting videos.

Scurrows on Twitter

Scurrows Twitter


The Scurrows Twitter account is ideal for finding out more about the Australian's live streams. While Bottländer rarely comments on upcoming appearances on or Twitch itself, he regularly announces his streams regularly here, including guest appearances, such as on June 16, 2022 by Streamer Vanilla Cry.

Currently the gamer is moving towards the mark of 40.000 followers the community is not too big as such, but there is a lively exchange of tweets and tweets and replies, there is a lively exchange with his fans. Scurrows noticeably often uses the following words on Twitter Turkish wordssuch as tamam (all right), oglum (boy) and the like. Whether these have simply become a cult or whether there may be a connection to Turkey is unclear.

What we can see very nicely from the Twitter account, though, is the passion for hip-hopthat Scurrows cultivates when he's not announcing live streams or devoting himself to GTA. Once again it becomes clear that Theo a lot together with OrangeMorange together. Both of them just launched a raffle at the beginning of June, and the corresponding stream was held as a duo.

Scurrows on Instagram

More than 51,000 followers are probably eagerly waiting for new content, because currently on the Instagram account of the gamer there is little to see, very little in fact. Scurrows has published published only a photo of his new kick account. However, even earlier there was not really much to see in the Instagram feed. Two photos in particular were striking. One probably shows him as a child and on the second he shows himself with VanillaCry.

In the child's photo, he is sitting in front of a switched-off computer, and one could almost think that this moment was the omen for the success story that Scurrows was to write in the years that followed. The Bottlander has made a name for himself as a GTA player in particular, but he certainly won't be an Instagram star anytime soon with his empty channel.

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That there are no private insights does not mean that Scurrows is not active on Insta. He regularly publishes Storiesthat announce his next live streams and guests. These disappear again after 24 hours.

The list of Instagram greats that Scurrows himself follows Scurrows himself follows. These include numerous Hip Hop and R'n'B artistssuch as Farid Bang, Kollegah, 18 Karat and not to forget Capital Bra. All musicians are known for controversy and their mostly dubious image. Musically, however, they seem to have one thing in common, because they all strike a chord with Scurrows, and he publicly acknowledges that.

Scurrows on Discord

Discord Logo
The Bottländer bundles on his Discord channel all information and activities. His tweets can be found here as well as information about the Twitch Live Stream. With nearly 16.000 users the community is quite small, but if you follow the invitation link, you won't miss any announcements and you'll get the chance to exchange interests and opinions. exchange opinions.

It seems that Scurrows open for suggestionsWhether they concern his furniture for the gaming corner or new green screen images that he uses. Even suitable tables are discussed here. So that the conversations on the channel do not get out of hand, the streamer receives support by admins and moderators. These are the first contact persons in case of disagreements.

If you want to join in, you can do so under clear conditions do so. On the one hand, the guidelines have to be followedbut on the other hand the Discord channel of Scurrows is only for adult persons persons. A participation in chats will only be allowed after verification of the mobile phone number cell phone number is verified.

Scurrow's quiz reveals interesting details

Theo Bottländer is, as far as his his private life and his past is a blank slate. Only a few details have been made public, otherwise the Australian knows how to keep a low profile regarding personal information. personal information. A published quiz, however, reveals some fun factsthat even hardcore Scurrows fans might not have known.

Scurrows and OrangeMorange, whose real name is Kevin Bongers, apparently know each other from apparently from Cologne. However, Bottländer did not grow up there, as initially assumed. His home is Siegen. In total, Theo has even moved three timeswhile he pushed his career as a streamer. The last trip led him and OrangeMorange to Madeira.

Several jobs shaped the gamer before he came to Twitch and slowly started earning money there. For example, Theo Bottländer is said to have not only worked in a in a refugee shelter, but he also but also had a job at Tipico as well. A Netflix idea he also had, the For Life Real Talk has apparently been implemented in the meantime. It is unclear to what extent Scurrows is making money from this ingenious idea.

Hacker demands 10,000 USD from Scurrows

In early June 2022, Scurrows was blackmailed by a blackmailed by a hacker. The hacker publicly addressed the streamer in the Twitch chat and demanded 10,000 dollarsotherwise he would publish Scurrows publish personal data. The message was not only followed by thousands of viewers, it also spread like wildfire on the net.



The gamer responded with appropriately angry words when he posted the Screenshot of the discussion on Twitter on June 5, 2022. In the same breath he invited all fans to visit him., saying that for Scurrows this was not a problem at all.

YouTuber Rutkay summarized the incident in one of his videos: While Scurrows was playing live at Stake, the latter's Casino account apparently crackedand that in front of running camera. The latter reads the hacker's warning directly, which translates as: "We have your documents.We have your documents. Send 10,000 USD to the Bitcoin address below or your data will be leaked within the next two hours.

Theo Bottländer had previously fallen for a phishing attack and had responded to a supposed email from Stake. He had filled in the wrong form with his data and sent it off. He did not carry out the confirmation required later because he realized that something could not be right.

The payment, which was probably commissioned by the hacker, was payment ordered by the hacker could be be stopped because Scurrows did not type in the verification code. Theo contacted Stake directly and had the account blocked as soon as possible.

Over the chat the hacker threatened but again, this time promising to release the private data to followers within 45 minutes if Scurrows did not pay the the demanded 10,000 dollars transfer. Scurrows should not be surprised if he is visited by people who have gambled away their entire savings because of him and his casino streams.

The streamer reacted to the threat as follows: "Ok, tell them I said hi. Tell them I love my community and that anyone can visit me at my address…"

The opinions on the incident vary. Some believe he deserved a deserved a beating. It is precisely because of the casino streams that Scurrows is criticized by many GTA fans and also by other streamers.

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Others were happy about the invitation and jokingly asked if Scurrows would give them a plane ticket. would give them a plane ticket would give them a plane ticket. Also questioned was, how well this supposed hacker really is, because apart from the name and address, he gained nothing from his action. One user therefore believes that these details could have been easily obtained from the authorities in Portugal.

Beside positive and derisive reactions there is also the assumption that the live stream and the chat could be a promo action. promo actionwhich helps Scurrows to gain more attention. However, this cannot be confirmed.

Scurrows Twitch ban – he's back after 3 years

In 2018, a permanent Twitch Ban caused a lot of excitement in the community. Scurrows himself could not not understand this.

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Conjectures about the reasons for the ban there were enough, but only after Scurrows went to court went to courtTwitch was finally forced to provide an explanation. Usually, the platform is quite opaque on this point, and is often criticized for a lack of transparency. lack of transparency as well as Arbitrariness accused of arbitrariness.

While the lawsuit against Twitch was ongoing, Theo Bottländer, to stream on YouTube to stream. At that time he had no contact with casinos, his focus was on GTA 5. focus was on GTA 5.

The fact that Scurrows is back on Twitch at all is due to his persistence. For about three years he fought his way through several legal instances. The Regional Court ruled against himbut the Australian did not want to let this defeat sit on his hands. In the next instance, he was successful, Twitch had to close his account after a total of 1,242 days released again.


The reason given by the platform for the blocking was that Scurrows had, through allegedly hateful behavior against the guidelines. With a Heart emoji he had responded to the comment of a fan who spoke out against the streamer couple Shlorox and Tinkerleo. The latter wrote that he considers the couple "terrible" and does not want to follow him anymore.

The streamer's past was repeatedly marked by Discordamong others with Staiy. In the meantime, the two have made peace, but it looks different with Tinkerleo and Shlorox look like. It came at that time to a lock on Klaerwerkan RP-community, which had the consequence that not the that not the streamers themselves attacked each other, but their communities. From the side of the streamer Shlorox it hailed thereupon announcements.

Stalking and attacks Scurrows was repeatedly subjected to stalking and attacks, whereupon Twitch intervened. The platform felt that Theo Bottländer was not paying enough attention to how his community operated and that there was a lack of solid moderation. lacked solid moderationwhich should have stopped hate comments towards the streamer duo.

Theo's taste in music – subscribes to numerous hip hop artists.

Scurrows is not only passionate about gaming, he also has a preference for hip hop music. Especially musicians about whom discussed as controversially as about himself, seem to appeal to the Australian. This is especially evident in the people whom Theo Bottländer follows follows on his Instagram channel.


© – Farid Bang with Kollegah

There is for example Rapper Kollegah. His musical career includes. albums such as "The pimp tape"with which he is of course contagious. Stylistically it is about Punchlines and Gangsta Rapwhich certainly not everyone is enthusiastic about. Again and again he is suspected of Anti-Semitismhe is considered racist and homophobic.

Also Farid Bang, who Scurrows follows, can be placed in a similar drawer pigeonhole. In 2018 he had to face the accusation of anti-Semitism from Campino. His music is repeatedly publicly criticized, especially his misogyny is condemned in the strongest terms.

The next artist is Vanilla Cry. Like Scurrow, he plays GTA 5 when he's not on stage. His fame can be estimated as less, especially compared to Farid Bang or Kollegah. With his song titles he fits seamlessly next to the two, although they are mostly abbreviations of insulting words. abbreviations of insulting words are involved.

It continues with 18 Karat, a gangster rapper by trade. How Ivo Vieira Silva ticks, can be recognized just as with the previously mentioned idols Scurrow in the songs, be it "Crack City", "Boyz in the Hood" or even "Gangsta Gangsta". His debut album is titled "FSK 18 brutal".

Capital Bra is another musician in the group that Scurrows seems to prefer musically. You won't hear any of this, though: Scurrows doesn't use any background music during his live stream sessions.

Scurrows' estimated net worth

rich-people icon
Theo Bottländer makes no secret of the fact that he is interested primarily in the financial reasons Theo Bottländer makes no secret of the fact that he opted for casino streaming primarily for financial reasons, after sharply criticizing it as recently as March 2022 and even publicly attacking stars like Monte.

Everything that can be said about the Australian's income is based on Conjecture from other influencers. For example, Unge recently voiced that Scurrows will probably earn about half a million euros, if not a million euros, from Stake. from Stake. This estimate cannot be proven, but experience shows that streamers who close casino deals generally earn very well.

Scurrows himself stated, even before streaming for Stake, he was not earning 40,000 euros a month as Reved had claimed at the time. The accusation of double standards Scurrows now has to face, but from a financial point of view the decision to make a deal with Stake was certainly not the stupidest.

The Bottländer private

Scurrows grew up in Australia, in Siegen to be precise. A few years ago he came up with the idea to emigrate to Madeira together with Kevin Bongers, who many know as OrangeMorange, to emigrate to Madeira. From the latter we know that life on the island of Portugal is quite quiet.

Info about the private life of the streamer has not been leaked to the outside despite hacker attacks and threats. The only thing that is known is that the two flatmates are prominent neighbors. prominent neighbors have, among them especially streamer Ungewho to this day is sharply against casino streams but at the same time says he appreciates both Scurrows and OrangeMorange on a human level.

About a current relationship Scurrows has not commented, only a phone call in the middle of the Life Stream revealed that he has an ex-girlfriend named Lisa who contacts him to this day when a topic concerns her, such as the Ukraine war.

It is also unclear whether Theo Bottländer has any siblings. The gamer seems to attach a lot of importance to it, separating his professional and private lifeThanks to a stream, the community only knows that Scurrow's birthday is in February. has a birthday in February which year he was born in, remains Theo's secret.

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