Hand of Anubis 2024 – Hacksaw resurrects god of the dead

Details about Hand of Anubis

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1.000$ bonus+ 100 free spinsPlay now at Lucky Dreams
Reels: 5
Rows: 6
Min. bet: 0,10$
Max. Bet: 100,00$
Payout Ratio: 96,24%
Max. Win: 10.000x
Free Spins: ✔ 
Bonus Buy: ✔ 
Free of charge: ✔ 

For slot adventures offers the Ancient Culture offers a real treasure trove of stories. Many slot games take players to ancient Rome, to the Greek Olympus or to the Egypt of the pharaohs. This also applies to the title Hand of Anubis by developer Hacksaw Gaming which focuses on the Egyptian deity of the same name.

The jackal-headed god of the dead dominates the – thematically fitting – gloomy scenery of the game and provides up to one million euros of profit in prospect.

Also the symbolssymbols used in the slot are also borrowed from Egyptian culture: for example, the Anch crossthe Udjat eye or the Scarabwhich can be found on the reels as gold-plated amulets set with diamond stones. The familiar card values (10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace) are stylized in the game in hieroglyphic script.

If these are regular motifs, then special importance is given to the so-called soul spheres colored lights, which can be used as wild symbols They are used as wild symbols to complete winning combinations and with their support the multipliers increase. Skullshuman ones and that of Anubis, of course, can't be missing either. They are also equipped with special functions.

Play Hand of Anubis online – the best casinos 2024

Hacksaw Gaming
If you want to descend into the dark realm of the dead of Anubis, you of course need the right casino. The good news is that in the meantime numerous gambling providers with Hacksaw Gaming cooperate with. Since the games of the renowned studio are available on Relax Gaming platform platform, they are super easy to implement into the portfolio.

Try Hand of Anubis for free

A free demo version is available for all those players who want to get a first impression of the slot and its game features. Most casinos provide this, but sometimes registration may be required.

Of course, more thrills come when it comes to real winning opportunities. Especially in that point Hand of Anubis offers lots of flexible options, the betting range is as wide as usual and thus suits every wallet.

Hand of Anubis Demo

How Hand of Anubis Online works

Hand of Anubis offers a 5×6 grid, so there are five columns and six rows of symbols. Unlike traditional slot machines, there are no paylines here. no paylines. Instead, it's a matter of, Cluster of at least five matching motifs, i.e. at least Instead, clusters of at least five matching images must be achieved, i.e. at least five identical images must occur adjacent to each other in order to generate a payout.

Differentiation is made between three symbol groups. The first has a comparatively low value, but can pay out several hundred euros with 11 and more matches – depending on the stake. These are the card values from 10 to Ace. In the second group are symbols that were important in ancient Egypt, such as the Anch cross, the snake, the eye of Horus or the triangle. These appear in the form of diamond-studded gold jewelry appear.

Far more interesting is the group of function symbols. With the help of wilds you can achieve win clusters can be achieved, but also free spins and other bonus features beckon. We will go into more detail about this in the course of the game.

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And there is something else that is extraordinary about Hand of Anubis. Because: The reels are cascading. That is, it clusters are settled first and then removed from the playing field. The resulting free space is filled filled with new symbols. In the best case, winning clusters are created again, which are also settled and replaced until no more combinations are created.

Hand of Anubis Bonus Features and Special Features

The slot game is full of exciting highlightsThe slot game is full of exciting highlights, which you would certainly not expect from a simple online slot in this form. Our editors took a closer look at the extras.

  1. Soul Spheres
  2. Free spins symbols
  3. Underworld Bonus
  4. Judgment Bonus

Soul Spheres

Hand of Anubis Wilds
Even the name of these symbols sounds promising. The soul spheres are basically nothing more than red and blue lights. Both can appear individually and in combination, if chance wills it so. Simplified, soul spheres are universal wild cardscalled Wilds.

If a cluster is created with the help of the soul spheres, this automatically influences the win multipliers. Factors on red and blue spheres increase by x1 for each cluster. If a new round is started after no more combinations are possible, Hacksaw Gaming automatically resets the win multiplier. If both soul spheres occur simultaneously, the associated factors are multiplied.

Free Spins Symbols

Hand of Anubis Bonus
The skull pharaoh is the first symbol that makes a clear reference to the world of the dead. It is also assigned a special task. The motif acts as a Scatterwhich means that it triggers free spins. However, there is not only one Free Spins Bonusbut two different bonus rounds. Which one is started depends on whether three or four scatters appear on the playing field.

Underworld Bonus

Hand of Anubis Sphaere
The Underworld Bonus round is triggered by three scatters. The winning symbols that we know from the base game also appear here. However, the two red and blue soul spheres are replaced by a green one, and in addition, support beckons from a multiplier modifier symbol. This time the factor does not increase by x1, but instead there are the values x2, x3, x4, x5 and x10.

Multipliers are used if a green soul sphere appears on the playing field. This cannot be influenced, but as expected, you as a player are completely dependent on chance. However, as soon as the multiplier is active, an additional three additional free spins awarded, in which the factor is even up to 9,999 times the base win. can increase.

Verdict Bonus

Hand of Anubis blocks
Hit four scatter symbols appear in the base game, even more excitement is created right away. Because: The thereby started Judgment bonus game holds own motifs (block symbols) as well as three replenishing spins ready. Multipliers are displayed above each reel. When modifier blocks appear, the factors above them automatically increase up to x100, depending on the symbol shown.

The skull and the Anubis skull, central motifs in this bonus game, can appear as "normal" as well as "epic" versions. The latter is distinguished by the ray wreath. As epic versions they offer significantly higher factors. Ice blocks are also part of the symbolism. If they fall into the grid, the multiplier block falls into the appropriate field.

Crusher and Fire Blocks complete the selection of motifs that await players during the Judgment Bonus Round. All modifications occur randomly. This is precisely what creates extreme tension during the feature, which can last for several minutes depending on the symbol constellation.

Hand of Anubis bonus buy – what's behind it?

For those who do not want to wait long for the bonus rounds, Hacksaw Gaming offers a Bonus Buy option offered. With it, it is possible to activate both the Judgment and the Underworld bonus without waiting. Both features have their price, of course.

The Underworld Bonuswhich is triggered in the base game with three scatter symbols, is available in the bonus buy for the 129 times the selected base bet. So, for example, if you play with a round amount of 1 euro, you would have to raise an additional 129 euros to activate this bonus round.

Hand of Anubis Bonus Purchase

For the Verdict Bonus requires four scatter symbols. So the feature is harder to achieve without a bonus buy. This explains the higher price. Because: The second bonus option beats with the 200 times the basic amount to the account.

These streamers play Hand of Anubis live

casino streamer
Until a while ago, players who did not necessarily want to play in free spins mode or for money themselves had a third option: watching and cheering along. Watching and cheering on Twitch. Numerous gaming professionals, including well-known names such as Roshtein or TrainwrecksTV, showed their community live what Hand of Anubis had to offer.

For a long time, Twitch was the hottest platform for live streaming. It still exists, but the live transmission of casino games has been restricted in the meantime. However, the stars of the iGaming scene who have played Hand of Anubis in front of the camera remain unforgotten:

Finding alternative platforms that offer streamers more freedom is currently the biggest challenge for players. But with Kick.com and DLive, two promising alternatives are already in the starting blocks. And: On YouTube, there are still videosthat have been compiled from the Twitch live streams of the major gamers. So the old material is by no means lost.

Video: ClassyBeef plays Hand of Anubis at Stake

Hand of Anubis FAQs

  1. Can Hand of Anubis free spins be retriggered?
  2. Can I play Hand of Anubis for free?
  3. How does Hand of Anubis mobile work?
  4. What is the Hand of Anubis top prize?
  5. What affects the Hand of Anubis RTP?

1.) Can Hand of Anubis free spins be retriggered?

The coveted Hand of Anubis Free Spins can definitely be won multiple times in a row. The best chances of especially frequent, recurring winning chances result in the Judgment bonus round. However, there is no retriggering in the classic sense, because free spins are always part of the two bonus rounds, which run "closed" in themselves.

Once all winnings of the bonus game have been paid out, the player returns to the main game, where the next chance to win free spins presents itself. chance for free spins is offered. If that's not fast enough for you, you always have the option in Hand of Anubis to make one of the two bonus purchases bonus purchases.

2.) Is it possible to play Hand of Anubis for free?

The option to play the slot game using the Hand of Anubis demo version is available in most online casinos. As expected, the simulation runs under real conditions. This makes it especially easy to get a non-binding first impression, related to basics and functions, but of course also to the winning potential of the slot machine.

Also to test the bonus slot for free you can use the registration in the casino may be necessary. With this precaution, the providers ensure the protection of minors and players. The registration requirement may well also in the Online Casino without limit exist, although exceptions confirm the rule.

3.) How does Hand of Anubis mobile work?

In order to play Hand of Anubis on the go, nowadays no software download is required. The game is provided as part of a large portfolio in the online casino – and these can all be accessed on the go via the browser today. Played directly in the browser.

Thanks to modern HTML5 technology, Hand of Anubis is 100% mobile compatibleThis means that it can not only be played on iPhone, iPad and devices with Android systems, but also on Windows Phone and all other popular alternatives available on the market today.

4.) How much is the Hand of Anubis top prize?

Although Hand of Anubis is not a jackpot machine, the maximum prize offered is considerable. One million euros can be won by players who are lucky and place the maximum bet. This means: the matching symbols have to appear, while 100 euros bet per round are set.

luck icon
If the bet is reduced, logically the achievable maximum win is also reduced.

5.) What influences the Hand of Anubis RTP?

The RTP (Return to Player) is the average payout rateThis is the percentage of all bets that are returned to the players as winnings. This is a theoretical valuewhich can be realistically calculated from thousands of game rounds. Hacksaw Gaming gives multiple values as the RTP changes.

In Hand of Anubis, the main things that influence the RTP value are bonus purchases influence the RTP value. Players who choose to buy one of the two bonus rounds directly, must be aware that the the payout value is automatically reduced a little bit. a little bit. In percentage terms we are only talking about minimal deviations, but extrapolated it is a lot of money in the long run.

Our Hand of Anubis Slot Conclusion

The gloomy backdrop that Hacksaw Gaming has opted for does more than justice to Anubis, the god of the dead. In the modern slot game, the ancient deity cuts a graphically good figure. The best part, however, is that with his help, a lot of money can be at stake.

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If you don't just hit the the one million euro mark the player can look forward to a lot of variety, exclusive bonus rounds and and lots of thrills. thrills. By the way, the slot game also offers all this in the demo version.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Hand of AnubisAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 92%