Playing with high stakes

If you've visited a casino before, you know that you won't get very far here without a decent chunk of money. While the betting limits are definitely designed for beginners, somehow it feels wrong to visit the local casino with only 50 euros in your pocket. The question is whether playing with high stakes makes sense – and how online casinos in Europe handle it in this context.

The good news is that no one is forced to make excessive bets. Online gaming in particular is predestined for players with a small wallet and all those who simply do not want to spend more than a few euros. To get back to the initial question: Whether high roller bets make sense or not depends on several factors both locally and online.

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High Roller Limits in Online Casinos

Today, visiting a local casino is no longer necessary to enjoy a realistic gaming environment and to really go wild with high limits. High rollers are welcome guests, especially in the virtual world of gambling. But how high is actually high? If you look around, you will encounter dozens of online casinos that offer limits of up to 100,000 euros.. This sum is of course a house number. It should be clear to everyone that it is also less risky.

The great advantage of such providers is that correspondingly high deposits work smoothly. Who likes to play with high stakes in the casino, which should absolutely pay attention to the seriousness of the casino. Mandatory must is a gambling license about which you can inform yourself on the website of the casino. If this is available, you are on the safe side as a player and nothing stands in the way of a high deposit.

However, if you look around, there are factually very few online casino players who place outstanding stakes. The majority play for fun alone and limit bets well below the 100,000 euro markof which we have just spoken. So does it even make sense to literally spend a fortune just to feel thrills? This is a question that is certainly not only asked by our casino experts.

Sense and nonsense of high stakes

First of all, we note that there are generally no online casinos that do without table limits. These are mandatory to protect customers from high losses. The fact that bets of more than 100,000 euros are possible at all may come as a surprise to the average customer. After all, there are very few people who can raise such sums. But it is precisely them that the providers want to do justice to just as much as all those who prefer to start small.

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One thing is clear: Those who place high stakes can win a lot of money, especially in the area of classic table games. However, this requires luck, because the outcome of the game can of course not be influenced. The hope of getting even more out of enormous bets apparently moves high rollers to go all out.

This seems to make only limited sense, although games like Blackjack with an RTP of around 97% promise solid promise solid chances. You have to be aware that the money can be lost just as much. Whether it is worth it, this question should be answered by high rollers themselves.

It is noticeable that high stakes usually only work at gaming tables. Slot games, on the other hand, are clearly limited in terms of betting limit.because here, at most, the end is at 500 euros – although of course these also want to be risked first. In the online casino, the focus is on fun. For this reason alone, we personally consider it nonsensical to invest one's belongings.

Is less perhaps more after all?

As a player, you should be aware of the fact that in the casino it doesn't matter so much how much you are willing to bet. Of course, high roller bets provide extreme thrills. After all, who doesn't want to grab big wins? Nevertheless, the motto "less is more" especially in this area, because no one can predict whether high stakes in the online casino will actually lead to high winnings.

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The chances of winning are the same with low stakes – only the amount paid out at the end varies logically. If you can spare 1,000 euros and more, you are free to spend it. However, you should always first think about what the thrill is really worth to you and whether there are possibly other things you can invest your money in more sensibly. High stakes as such are only advisable if the possible loss does not cause you any financial damage.

One has heard several times in all the years that gambling has now existed about people who put all their eggs in one basket. However, if one is honest, the profit is bordering on the impossible for players who, for example, gamble at the roulette table their entire money on a color and have luck, nevertheless rather at a miracle. There is no question of realistic and even high probabilities here.

It all depends on the volatility

The highest stakes are only of use if the volatility is right. Here you can see relatively quickly which games are really worthwhile and for which even the maximum bet hardly leads to success. Before we spend a long time explaining the terms, we would like to show you the whole thing in a simple and understandable way.

So, for example, let's say you decide to play live blackjack. The odds are clearly defined in the classic game, and as already said, the payout rate is usually around 97%.. Thus, the chance of making a profit is quite good. However, there is always a certain residual risk. If this is underestimated, the invested high stake is gone. So whether you actually spend half a million euros, that should be well considered.

The values are much more variable in the area of slot machines out. Win rates can be very low or – as in the case of jackpot slots – incredibly high. The RTP, depending on the game, lies somewhere between 93 and a scant 97 percent.. This is exactly what you need to pay attention to, especially if you plan to invest more than the average. Sometimes just a few euros are enough to pick up a small fortune. However, since winnings are unpredictable, it is hardly recommended to bet thousands of euros.

High stakes are not necessarily a bad idea. The prerequisite is that you find the right time to increase the bet. Betting strategies can be a useful thing, but especially in the matter of caution is advised when it comes to strategy is necessary.

Let's take as an example the Martingale Roulette System. The aim of the whole thing is to bet whenever the chosen color, red or black, is not hit.. The problem with this is that you pay the whole bet out of your own pocket. Better are strategies that aim to increase the bet in relation to winnings achieved. One thing is clear: betting more means getting more money out of it – if chance has its way.

In this respect, high roller bets are certainly a good option. Those who draw the most credit from the winnings and thus help themselves to the casino's money, come off more favorably overall. So, the question of which gaming strategies are recommended should definitely be answered before you start.

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If the stake is always increased when a win has occurred, the risk is manageable. Risk management must be learnedHowever, risk management is relatively simple, especially in the field of online gaming. This is exactly why we point out in all our reviews how important self-defined betting limits are.

For example, if you have 100 or 10,000 euros a month to spare, then you need to learn how to manage this money. Someone who invests half a million at the blackjack table, on the other hand, certainly has no financial problems. However, they come sooner than you think, because the more you bet and the more often you play, the greater the risk of gambling addiction. This aspect should also always be kept in mind when playing with high stakes.

Can I win big even with low stakes?

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This possibility exists – depending on how the odds of the game are. The best examples are Jackpot machines. We will go into this in a little more detail in the next few seconds. Finally, the question is how much stamina you have. Some people play for a few hours at most and spend thousands of Euros on it. On the other hand, if you want to spend less, you'll just have to plan a little more time.

The chance to win big even with small investments definitely exists with slot machines. Blackjack, roulette and other classics, on the other hand, have fixed and comparatively low odds. occupied. You therefore don't have as much "leeway" as in the area of online slots, which can yield all kinds of sums from a few cents to a million-dollar jackpot.

As already mentioned, in the best case you should start with a low bet value. An increase is recommended as soon as winnings land on the account. You would not have had the money before anyway. A potential loss due to the increase of the bet is therefore easier to bear than paying every single euro out of your own pocket.

Jackpot odds for high and low rollers

Do I now need high stakes to be able to cash in really big at the online casino? We hear this question quite often and today we can answer it with a clear no. If a slot machine offers a jackpot, for example, then this can be won even with a few cents bet. – always assuming a good portion of luck, of course. Even in local casinos there are said to have been guests who invested barely 1 euro and were suddenly filthy rich.

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It is often recommended to set the stake high so that the probability of winning is greater. However, this is a tip that we cannot confirm. Whether you bet 50 cents or 500 euros, it does not matter at all for the payout of progressive jackpots.. Chance alone decides when the payout will occur. And chance, in turn, of course does not look at whether the winner was careful before or even gambled away his monthly income.

Conclusion: High stakes are not a must

Those of us who can spare at most a few euros per month for gambling can breathe a sigh of relief. High roller bets are neither a must, nor do they seem to make much sense – unless you love the barely calculable risk or simply have too much money that doesn't interest you very much.

The fact is that the fun of playing in online casinos should always come first. You can be entertained even with a few cents bet or even completely free of charge. After all, we are not talking about long-term investments in stocks, where the risk may make sense. In the field of online gaming, it is generally better to think in the short term, so it is better to limit yourself to the essentials and not spend more money than necessary.

In short, the challenge is to to find a healthy balance and also to opt for games with high RTP. The better the slot or classic is positioned in terms of odds, the less money you have to spend as a user and still benefit from sometimes fabulous winning opportunities.

Author: William BrownRated: Playing with high stakesAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 92%