Floating Dragon Slot – Pragmatic Play brings Asia to the casino

Details about Floating Dragon


1.000$ bonus+ 100 free spinsPlay now at Lucky Dreams
Reels: 5
Rows: 3
Paylines: 10
Min. bet: 0,10$
Max. Bet: 250,00$
Payout Ratio: 96,71%
Max. Win: 1.250.000$
Free Spins: ✔ 
Free: ✔ 

Floating Dragon is a game with a floating dragon. The bonus slot was developed with Hold & Spin technology by Reel Kingdomin cooperation with Pragmatic Play, one of the most successful iGaming studios in Europe.

Reel Kingdom launched Floating Dragon on April 1, 2021 on Pragmatic Play basis.. 14 days after the official premiere, the bonus slot was then also available to the broad mass of players, and in many online casinos the release enjoys today great popularity.

Surprisingly, the slot is mostly provided as a Pragmatic Play title, although the studio is not actually mainly responsible.

However, the whole thing is probably explained by the fact that the Reel Kingdom brand brand is less prominent. Already now we can anticipate: In terms of quality and creativity Reel Kingdom is in no way inferior to Pragmatic Play.

Play Floating Dragon online – the best casinos 2024

Thanks to the close cooperation between Real Kingdom and Pragmatic Play, Floating Dragon Hold & Spin did not take long to be accepted by various renowned online such as crypto casinos to be included in the portfolio.

In the meantime, the selection is quite extensiveso that players should find it easy to try out the release at their preferred address:

Play Floating Dragon for free

Basically, in reputable casinos there is the possibility to get an overview of Floating Dragon basics, functions and features without having to make a deposit directly. Advantage of the Floating Dragon Hold & Spin Demo is that these provided under realistic conditions so there are by no means higher chances of winning here than in the alternatively available real money mode.

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Due to strict legal requirements, providers in the industry are obliged to require a require registration to play. This is usually a must even if it is only about playing for free. However, the process itself only takes a few minutes, so it's not a big hurdle for those who want to check out Floating Dragon for free.

Floating Dragon Demo Slot

How Floating Dragon works

The developers have chosen a simple yet effective basic concept for the Floating Dragon slot. effective basic concept concept. This results in particular from the Hold & Spin mechanicswhich our experts will examine in more detail in the course of this article. First of all, however, players have to get to grips with five reels, three rows of symbols as well as 10 fixed paylines fixed paylines.

What surprised us most was the betting range. The minimum bet is only 10 cents per roundwhereas the upper limit is whole 250 Euro is reached. Usually, limits of 100 euros are common for games of this kind.

Thanks to the wider range, Floating Dragon is thus not only aimed at casual players, but also at High rollers willing to take risks. The stake can be adjusted to personal preferences before the first spin and varied at any time.

Once the right value is found, the reels spin as usual at the push of a button. Typical for slot games is that combinations of three to five matching images lead to a win, provided that will lead to a win, as long as they occur from left to right without interruptions.

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A special feature of Floating Dragon: Players are offered the possibility to switch the change the credit display. Either Reel Kingdom and Pragmatic Play list the real money amount here, or the available coin value. A click on the amount is enough to change the display – depending on which variant seems more pleasant to you personally.

These streamers play Floating Dragon on Twitch

Thanks to simple basics and a wide betting range Floating Dragon Hold & Spin is perfect perfect for casual players. Obviously, the release is also enjoyed by many live streamers a particularly positive reputation. This is supported by the fact that numerous stars of the scene have already dealt with Floating Dragon in the past. A quick look at the YouTube search led us to this conclusion. The following Twitch gamers have already been virtually in Asia:

Adin Ross AlGear Bethunter Bolbolautomat ProdigyDDK
Casino Daddy Xposed m0e_tv Clout Seven

casino streamer
Just like "Ottonormalverbraucher" Twitch stars like the mentioned ones profit from the wide betting spread, attractive odds as well as the fact that it is possible for fans to emulate their idols. The latter actually works without any special knowledgesince Floating Dragon is basically a self-explanatory self-explanatory slot machine is.

Floating Dragon bonus features and specials

An unusual construct, such as the one behind Floating Dragon, requires unusual functions. Our experts have summarized the extras Reel Kingdom relies on and how they affect the chances of winning:

  1. Wild Cards
  2. Free spins

Wild Cards

Floating Dragon Wild
A young woman takes on the role of the universal joker in the online Floating Dragon game. universal wild card. In principle she can appear on all reels.

The special feature here: Wilds appear exclusively during active free spins. In the main mode, regardless of the free spins offered, there is no possibility to spin wild cards. Instead, the principle of classic symbol combinations applies here, which must be achieved without the help of wild cards.

If Wilds in the free spins bonus they have the ability to substitute for all symbols except scatters and coins. Their appearance consequently increases the probability, to generate combinationswhich in turn lead to variable payouts payouts. The best thing about this is that Wilds remain on the reelsuntil the free spins are over, while they have the chance to win additional free spins. additional Free Spins increase.

Free Spins

Floating Dragon Scatter
At least three mystical dragons are required to win Floating Dragon to win Free Spins. The more scatters appear, the more rounds may be played without risk of betting.

With five bonus symbols, a maximum of 20 free spins beckon. Wild symbols are used in the mode, but also other special features.

Floating Dragon Fish
The main focus during free spins is on the Koi carp. These sometimes appear on any position and directly show a random amount of money which can be used as an instant win credited to the player's account. In combination with Wild Cards, fish stand for the chance to win the highest possible total prize, which is 5,000 times the game stake.

What is behind the Hold & Spin mechanic?

Floating Dragon Gold
In order to make the special feature – by the way, a now quite frequently used mechanic at Pragmatic Play Slots – you need to have three money symbols appear on the center reel. appear.

Money symbols in the form of golden coins not only have the ability, trigger winnings up to 20 times wagered amount. Players can also look forward to the bonus game when the coins appear.

Floating Dragon Hold&Spin

When the Floating Dragon Hold & Spin Bonus is active, the money symbols on the center reel will remain, while all surroundingwhile all the surrounding images will be in the course of a respin to make room for new symbols. In total there are three respinsand with each free spin, the value of the money symbols changes randomly.

Floating Dragon Diamant
If new coins appear, each money symbol will be will be added to the total win and the number of respins is reset and new winning opportunities beckon. However, the highlight of this bonus game is not the money symbols themselves, but rather finest diamonds. They can appear on reels 1, 2, 4 and 5 during the course of the Hold & Spin round and pay out an instant win – up to 4,993 times the total bet..

Especially attractive: There is a There is a win guarantee in the game mode. If during the 3 respins no win is achieved that is at least 20 times the stake, Pragmatic Play will give its users three more chances for free. This happens until the guaranteed winnings granted by the developer have been achieved.

Floating Dragon Hold&SpinFloating Dragon Hold&Spin Win

Floating Dragon FAQs

  1. Is there a Floating Dragon free play mode?
  2. Is Floating Dragon one of the best Pragmatic slots?
  3. Is registration required for the Floating Dragon demo?
  4. Is a Floating Dragon download required?

1.) Is there a Floating Dragon Free Play mode?

Free Play means nothing more than that a demo version of the slot machine is available. demo version demo version is provided. This is the case with Floating Dragon Online as well as with all other Pragmatic Play – or Reel Kingdom – slots that can currently be found on the market. A couple of test rounds should be enough to get a get a feeling for effective betting and to check to what extent real willingness to bet can pay off.

Wherever Floating Dragon Hold & Spin is offered, there should usually also be a free demo alternative be available. Players are therefore free to choose between two game modes.

2.) Is Floating Dragon one of the best Pragmatic slots?

There are many aspects that suggest that Floating Dragon has what it takes to be the best slot game. Pragmatic Play Top Game has. Especially the Hold & Spin function is extremely appealing, as it opens up unimagined winning opportunities for players. In addition, there are odds that meet even high demands. After all Payouts can be generated with 1.25 million euros very lavish.

Qualitatively, Floating Dragon is very high quality very high quality. Whether the release will end up being a favorite among Pragmatic Play slots, however, primarily has to do with personal taste. Those who like Asian culture will definitely get their money's worth here.

3.) Is registration required for the Floating Dragon demo?

Strict guidelines are to be adhered to in the online casino. For reasons of protection and in particular the prevention of gambling addiction in the meantime more and more more and more often a registration is required. This also applies to those who decide to play Floating Dragon as a demo version and not with real money.

At the same time, the created player account in the selected casino forms the basis for later deposits, which can usually be made in variable amounts. So, if you decide to play for real winnings in the course, you fulfill the most important requirement with an account.

4.) Is a Floating Dragon download necessary?

The access is provided to players thanks to HTML5 technology both on the desktop and mobile mobile, because this allows the use of Floating Dragon without downloading without downloading.

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In order to start playing, all you have to do is visit the website of your favorite online or mobile casino to open. There, a search function can usually be used, with which it only takes a few seconds to start the slot.

Our Floating Dragon Conclusion

Asian culture has certainly not only discovered Pragmatic Play for itself. Nevertheless, Floating Dragon Hold & Spin impresses with its special characteristicspaired with solid winning possibilities beyond the "magic" million mark. For these prospects alone, it's worth paying a visit to the floating dragon, which serves as the namesake for the release.

Particularly attractive are the additional functionswhich are based on the Hold & Spin technology and with the support of which a quite quite a high profit margin can be achieved. This has the advantage that playing Floating Dragon Online is also worthwhile for customers of reputable online casinos who do not necessarily want to play the maximum possible 250 euros, but only want to invest a small contribution.

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The settings can be made in an uncomplicated way. For this reason alone Floating Dragon fits perfectly into the category of games, which provide entertaining entertainment entertainment for in between as well as longer longer-term gaming sessions.
Author: Jake ErvingRated: Floating DragonAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 90%