Frequently asked questions & answers about online casinos

Casinos and gambling are not an invention of modern times, and yet with the Internet, yet another whole new area has opened up. The Internet is full of providers of online casinos, which are available at any time. However, in this context, there are also many questions asked, which we have answered here.

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It is a compilation of frequently asked questionsthat come up with the topic of online casinos and gambling. Since it is also always about your own money, you should not go to the machines with question marks over your head. However, many questions can be answered quickly and easily.

The most common casino questions and answers 2020

  1. General questions about online casinos
  2. What is gambling?
  3. What is an online casino?
  4. What is a live casino?
  5. Where can you play online gambling games?
  6. What is an online casino comparison?
  7. How to register at the online casino?
  8. Is gambling legal in Australia?
  9. Bonus questions
  10. What is a casino bonus?
  11. What is a welcome bonus?
  12. How can I withdraw a casino bonus?
  13. What do I need to know about casino bonuses?
  14. Software questions
  15. What do I need to install to play casino games?
  16. Do I have to download casino software?
  17. Can you use online casinos in the browser?
  18. Can you play casino games with your cell phone or tablet?
  19. Playing at the online casino
  20. What types of games are there in the online casino?
  21. How do casino games work?
  22. How are winnings calculated in the online casino?
  23. Can you win real money in the online casino?
  24. Can I play for free at the online casino?
  25. Questions about casino security
  26. How safe are online casinos?
  27. How safe are deposits at online casinos?
  28. What to look for in casino security?
  29. Questions about tips and strategies
  30. Can online gambling be addictive?
  31. Are there any casino strategies?
  32. Can I get rich in an online casino?
  33. How much should one play?

General questions about online casinos

1.) What is gambling?

It may sound like a trivial question at first, but on closer inspection the answer is not so obvious. Gambling is a common word, but it also has a very precise meaning. First and foremost, it means that winning depends largely on chance and not on the player's skill. This does not mean that the player's skill does not have an influence on it, but the random component is very high in gambling. The skills in this case lie more in the fact that the player is good at estimating the probabilities and random moments to play stakes in appropriate places.

Gambling works with stakes that are multiplied in a winning case. Probabilities play a major role in this. The rule of thumb is: the less likely an event is, the higher the winnings can be. Also the RTP (payout ratio) decides what percentage of the revenue, e.g. on a slot machine, is paid back and should therefore not be disregarded.

2.) What is an online casino?

As the name suggests, an online casino can be found on the Internet and thus differs from the arcades and casinos that exist locally and have a classic tradition. There are certainly providers that have casinos in cities as well as operate online casinos. Basically, the offers are similar in structure.

There are table games and slot machines, but online they no longer have any mechanical components at all. The games in the online casino are purely programmed software. In principle, games can be played at any time and in any place, as long as the Internet is available and playing is legal in your own country. When looking for the right provider, our casino comparison should help.

3.) What is a Live Casino?

A live casino is once again a special form of online casino and usually part of it. While in the normal online casino pure software is used, in the live casino is played via video transmission at real tables. This gives it more realistic casino feel and is mostly used for table games ala blackjack and roulette. Since live casinos are generally related to the normal ones, you don't need to sign up separately.

4.) Where can you play online gambling games?

If you feel like gambling, the Internet is the right place to do it. There are numerous online casinos where you can sign up. The selection is so large and at times unmanageable that it is worthwhile to first get an overview. On our page, online casinos are presented and offer an optimal orientation – especially for beginners.

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5.) What is an online casino comparison?

Even though online casinos are gambling, the selection should not be. There are fixed criteria by which the many different providers can be compared. Such a casino comparison is based on various tests and parameters. These include the odds, the range of games, the payment methods, the customer service, the user-friendliness of the site, the bonus programs, the security and also experience. Based on the individual reviews, you can thus gain a good overview of the market and where a registration can be worthwhile.

6.) How to register at the online casino?

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Even if the casinos on the Internet can be used at any time and in principle from any place with Internet, is not always simply so a registration possible. First, the offer must be legal in the country. However, as a rule, registrations will not work anyway if there are country restrictions. In addition, you have to meet some requirements yourself.

In Australia, and most other countries, you must be be at least 18 years old. Then a registration is possible. This involves entering your own data, including payment options. Afterwards, the account must be verified with a personal document (for example, an ID). After that you can start playing.

7.) Is gambling legal in Australia?

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In principle, gambling is permitted in Australia. However, this does not mean that anyone can offer gambling at will or that simply anyone can gamble at will. To gamble, you must be 18 years of age or older. Providers must have licenses issued by the Australian State Treaty on Gambling must be specified. Only with state licensing is the offer legal and can then also be used accordingly without hesitation.

Bonus questions

8.) What is a casino bonus?

A casino bonus is generally referred to when a provider has a certain promotion in the program. This means, for example, that you can receive free spins, but also generally bonus credit that can be used in the online casino. Often there are offers specifically for new customers, which of course also have the purpose of advertising, but in fact can also offer an advantage. Likewise, existing customers can often enjoy bonus promotions.

9.) What is a welcome bonus?

The welcome bonus is a promotion in an online casino that is specifically aimed at new customers only. When you sign up for a new account at an online casino, you can usually pick up a bonus. In most cases, this consists of an increase in the first deposit. For example, you deposit 200$ and get another 200$ with the 100% bonus. This is to make the first steps easier. However, it should be noted that no new customer bonus can simply be paid out and often certain bonus conditions are given. Also, no welcome bonus can be used if you already have an account with the provider before.

10.) How can casino bonuses be cashed out?

Generally, a casino bonus is also only for the online casino in the first place. It is therefore not possible for you to simply sign up, receive the bonus and have it paid out right away. Of course, this also makes sense, as giving away money would be a bit too much of a claim for a corresponding casino. In order to still be able to make a withdrawal, you must usually fulfill the bonus conditions.

Mostly, this means turnovers. For example, there is a $10 casino bonus, which must then be wagered in a certain number. If you wager five times, you would have to wager $50 before the $10 can be withdrawn. However, bonus and turnover requirements can vary greatly and are the fine print that should always be read.

11.) What do I need to know about the casino bonus?

One thing you should remember in any case: no online casino gives away money just like that. In the end, this is also perfectly ok, after all, they are companies that want to make money and not charities. The New customer bonuses are accordingly also to be regarded as advertising, but the customer can certainly benefit from this. The online casinos are also under pressure in this respect to make a good offer, as there are many providers on the market that compete for customers. In essence, however, this only means that you should always read through the bonus terms and conditions as well. This way, you will know exactly what to do in order to be able to freely dispose of the casino bonus in the end.

Software questions

12.) What do I have to install in order to use casino games?

Basically, it should be noted that nowadays you can use online casinos even without installed software. Many online casinos no longer even offer separate software, but for some this is still the case. The software is then stored regularly on the computer. So you can then log in and use the slot machines. The alternative to this, however, is that today mostly can be played directly in the browsers. can be played. So neither something has to be downloaded nor installed.

13.) Do I have to download casino software?

Quite clearly: No. Today, it is no longer necessary to download casino software to play the corresponding games. In some cases, there is still appropriate software at the online casinos, but usually the browser is sufficient. In certain circumstances, it may still be necessary to install or activate a specific plugin in the browser. However, standard applications such as Java or Flash are increasingly not used, so that this implementation is also omitted. So, in most cases, all you have to do is visit the online casino and you can start playing.

14.) Can online casinos be used in the browser?

For quite some time, software was an essential part of being able to use an online casino. This was due to the games that were installed with it. With newer Internet connections, however, the comfort became greater and greater. Today, you can actually use all games comfortably in the browser. This means that simply only the online casinos must be called and can also be used directly. Software, downloads and installations are no longer necessary.

15.) Can you play casino games with your cell phone or tablet?

Nowadays it is absolutely no problem that you can use your cell phone or tablet to play casino games. Often, online casinos can be used normally, but most providers already have special mobile pages which are called automatically. This means that the games and pages are displayed according to the smartphone or tablet format, so you don't have to miss out on the fun of playing. Also, many providers have apps that you can install to have even easier access mobile.

Playing at the online casino

16.) What types of games are there in the online casino?

As in normal casinos, online casinos offer various types of games, but they can all be subordinated to gambling. Essentially, a distinction is made between table games and slot machines. Table games are the classics such as roulette, blackjack or even baccarat. Slot machines are considered to be gambling machines. So games with reels on which there are symbols and there are line wins to be made. In addition, there are also games like bingo and scratch cards. Live casinos bring table games back to reality a little bit by via video transmission played at the tables.

17.) How do casino games work?

Casino games are classified as gambling, which roulette, slot machines, blackjack and others have in common. The player has few decision-making possibilities to influence. However, the main component is that the player determines the stake. Almost all casino games have this in common. And ultimately, it is the stake that determines the winnings. The more risky or improbable a thing is (for example, a strong symbol in the slot machine), the higher the winnings can be. So casino games tend to be more probability games and less gambling.

18.) How are winnings calculated in the online casino?

Winnings in the online casino can be very different, but usually have a very precise calculation in the background. You can distinguish between regular winnings and jackpot winnings. If you win a jackpot, you receive a fixed sum, which was just in this jackpot. This can be increased by players playing stakes on this machine.

Regular winnings are based on a simple calculation. Your stakes played are associated with a multiplier. So, if the two factors increase, the winnings will increase as well. The stakes are up to you to determine, while the multipliers depend largely on how likely a certain event is. The multiplier for red or black in roulette is accordingly much smaller than that of an exact number, as the probability of being right is higher.

19.) Can you win real money in the online casino?

Many games are also available in demo versions for free usable. In these cases, virtual money is used, so in the end it's really just about having fun or getting to know the machine. However, all games can also be played with real money at any time. If this is the case, the winnings are also real and can be paid out. However, you have to be careful with bonus credits. Often the winnings made with them must first meet the turnover requirements before a payout is possible.

20.) Can I play for free at the online casino?

In most online casinos, it is also possible to use the games for free without any problems. However, this also means that there can be no real winnings for you. Virtual money also becomes only virtual winnings. At some online casinos, free play is even possible without registration. At others only afterwards and still others offer a daily limit with which the slots and table games can be used for free.

Questions about casino security

21.) How safe are online casinos?

A very important topic in terms of gambling and online casinos is security. And especially as a player, you should take this topic very seriously. It is generally recommended that only online casinos are used, about which information is also available. These can be very well-known online casinos or others, for which there is a test on our site.

It is also clear to say that there are black sheep on the market. To recognize dubious casinos, you should take a look at our casino scam page. However, these are usually providers that do not deal with official licenses and are to be considered dubious accordingly. Regularly offering online casinos are to be considered safe and are also subject to strict requirements in this regard. Nevertheless, everyone must also always look closely at how their own money is used.

22.) How safe are deposits at online casinos?

If an online casino is very well known or has been extensively tested, it can usually be classified as very safe. When it comes to deposits or withdrawals, however, there is a special component added, because here mostly with third-party providers are worked together. This can normally be the bank transfer, which is of course very secure, or the credit card. In both cases, the security is in the nature of things. But also other payment providers like PayPal, Skrill or Neteller are very secure. Deposits and withdrawals are made via encrypted connections.

23.) What do you have to pay attention to when it comes to casino security?

With the security in online casinos tends to be similar to security in general on the Internet. If you don't know a certain site at all, there is no visible contact information there, or there are even negative tests, you should, you should refrain from it. So, security also goes hand in hand with handling. Your data and your money are not to be given away and should accordingly be used carefully. If you then use pre-tested online casinos, nothing can actually go wrong.

Questions about tips and strategies

24.) Can online gambling be addictive?

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Gambling should not become a bitter seriousness at the end of the day. Of course, there is always the danger of gambling addiction, but this is definitely combated by the online casinos. For example, many providers allow you to set daily limits or deposit limits so that you are not even tempted. It is always very important that you also plan for losses. There will be losses one way or another. If you include them in the calculation, there is a much higher level of control. As soon as the game is no longer fun or the balance is low, it is recommended to take a break. This can be a few days or even longer.

25.) Are there casino strategies?

If you try your luck at the slots or tables, you want to help it along. The question of strategies is not far away. There are certainly strategies, but they often do not deliver what they promise and thus become counterproductive. For example, there is the Martingale strategywhich provides for the doubling of the stake in case of a loss. However, this is not advisable. The question is always basically how much budget do you give yourself and on which games should it be divided. Instead of strategies it can also always help to look at experience values of other players to certain automats.

26.) Can you get rich in an online casino?

Short answer: Yes, you can. However, you should not just plan it. On the one hand, it is true that there are jackpots that can actually make you a millionaire with only a small bet. However, this is the rarity and cannot be planned in any case. If you want to have high winnings in principle, you must also already bring the stakes accordingly. Only high stakes usually lead to high winnings. Accordingly, there should always be a good portion of sobriety when the reels are turned on the machine or the next bet is due at the roulette table.

27.) How much should you bet?

Almost every game of chance is about the stake you are willing to play. It should be noted that you are free to determine this. If you just want to play for fun with small chances of winning, a very low stake is of course enough. For high winnings, you need to bet a bit more. In any case, it is recommended that you set yourself a limit over which you will not play. It should also be noted that in some slot games the jackpots can only be cracked with the highest bet.

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