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Here I check everything" – so reads the Slogan of Check24. In fact, the prominent site is the giant among the comparison portalsFrom travel to the best loans, the cheapest electricity provider to hotels and rental cars, almost all product almost all product groups are represented. But if you are looking for an online casino at Check24, you will search in vain – at least at the moment. Because Gambling does not belong to the offer of the price comparison site.

You are currently looking for a gaming provider on the Internet, need help and have landed with us? Perfect! Because at you are anyway exactly right! We are the experts in the field of slots and gambling and provide our know-how 24/7.

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In this article we explain

  • how we check casino sites,
  • what we have in common with Check24 and
  • what distinguishes us from the portal.

In addition, we have an explanation,

  • why Check24 does not test casinos and
  • how you can still find the best providers.

Results of our casino comparison check at a glance

Table of contents

  • Recognize reputable online casinos without Check24
    • Casino comparison
    • Find best bonus offers without Check24
    • Crypto casinos in the check
    • Comprehensive casino guide as an additional offer
  • Similarities between and Check24
  • Differences between Check24 and
  • Why doesn't Check24 actually test casinos?

Recognize reputable online casinos without Check24

If it comes to price and product comparisons, Check24 is for many the first port of call on the Internet. However, anyone interested in high-quality casino games in a reputable environment will come up empty with the site. So how can you recognize reputable online casinos without Check24?

There are online comparison portalssimilar to Check24, but which specialize in online gambling. specialized in the topic of online gambling. have. The bottom line is that they do exactly the same thing, but have significantly more expertise in the area of online casinos.

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Like Check24 in other areas, belongs is one of the leading comparison sites in the online gambling industry. We test and compare the most popular brands and filter black sheep out. A visit to our site is therefore basically enough to recognize reputable online casinos.

But even if you are not an expert in the field, there are a few criteria that you can check yourselfto be able to distinguish a reputable provider from dubious operators:

  1. Valid license
    The best-known and most sought-after licenses are currently issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, the Curacao Gambling Commission and the Australian Gambling Authority issued.
  2. Transparency
    A reputable provider does not hide, the operating company is usually mentioned in the footer of the pages, or in any case in the imprint or the terms and conditions.
  3. Support
    There are several contact options to get in direct contact with the casino. Live chat support is available at most gaming sites.
  4. Transparent bonus conditions
    Reputable providers ALWAYS clarify the applicable bonus and turnover conditions
  5. Game developer
    Good casinos cooperate with well-known game developers such as NetEnt, Microgaming or Yggdrasil

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Tip: If you check the reputation of a provider through Internet research, you should exercise caution. Many of the apparently genuine "user comments seem manipulated to us as industry insiders. On the one hand, operators are trying to gain recognition through positive fake ratings to put themselves in a better light. On the other hand, it's becoming more and more common for a casino to get a "shitstorm" in a forum. "shitstorm" which is obviously initiated by the initiated by the competition was to weaken the competitor and thus strengthen their own position.

Casino comparison like Check24

The good news is that readers can avoid the often tedious comparison of offers in the online gaming section. Extensive tests are carried out by our experts in all categoriesfrom bonuses to payments. The results determined here lead to an overall result and a rating that shows which providers are really good.

For those who care about the game selection, payment options, promotions or customer service, offers the opportunity to conduct a direct check of the relevant test category and see which companies perform best in this area. This option is a good alternative to the overall result, as experience shows that every player sets different priorities.

Quicklinks to the individual test categories:

Find best bonus offers without Check24

In addition to the casino comparison check, we identify the best bonus offers. Experience has shown that new customers are quickly tempted by a supposedly attractive bonus to invest money and ultimately claim it. However, we know that not the amount alone is decisive is decisive.

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Rather, it applies, Turnover conditions and thus, of course, also the eligibility of individual types of gamesof Slots to live games. With, everyone can find the bonus that suits their own financial needs, based on various aspects. financial needsbut also personal taste.

Last but not least, we subject the companies to another check, which involves, which bonus types are available at all. In addition to welcome bonuses, it is not uncommon for free spins, tournaments and other campaignsThese are always linked to variable conditions.

The top 5 bonus offers in our test:

Crypto casinos in check

We at also check everything, as far as the gambling industry, online casinos and related specialties are concerned. In addition to classic companies, it is above all crypto casinos that have been making a name for themselves for several years.

Their specialties are brought to the point by us, starting from eligible crypto currenciescoins, to special crypto special crypto mini games, which are provably fair (demonstrably fair) clearly different from classic online slot machines, virtual roulette and the like.

Our info pages on the topic of crypto gambling:

Thanks to great expertise that our team has in the field, we have the best selection from each division, starting with attractive crypto bonuses, to a huge selection of exclusive Provably Fair Games.

Comprehensive casino guide as an additional offer

In addition to the comparison check, readers can inform themselves about various topics. Our editorial staff has long been dedicated to all aspects of virtual gambling and helps newcomers in particular to find their way around the industry, which is quite large and sometimes difficult to understand.

With us, readers learn what a casino without limit is, what providers without a Australian license and which aspects players have to pay attention to. comprehensively explains what a Max Bet rule is and how it is possible to profit from the Non Sticky Bonus.

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? Now all important topics directly in the guidebook !

The additional offer is intended to support newbies in the field of online gaming to be able to inform themselves comprehensively. The service in the form of the guide is of course free of charge. Even a registration is not required on

Similarities between and Check24

Basically, the concepts of and Check24 are not that far apart. Both portals allow readers to

  • products or compare services and find the
  • best option for individual needs.

Both sides have a

  • transparent mix of evaluation criteria established and
  • present the results in the form of rankingsrecommendations or comparison tables.

Casino hotels in the Check24 comparison

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While casino providers themselves are not checked and compared by Check24, in the travel section you will find the option to search for casino hotels worldwide. So there is actually still a thematic parallel between the comparison portal and our focus.

Differences between Check24 and

Check24 is a price comparison portalwhich allows users to compare products such as insurance, electricity, gas and loans at a glance. Here only prices and contract conditions such as terms, ancillary costs and the like. used for the evaluation. The comparison is therefore based purely on "figures". The quality of the individual providers is not usually included in the evaluation at Check24.

The situation is different at We take the casinos and their offerings under the microscope and put the products through their paces and award score points.

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Meanwhile, Check24 also offers a comparison for online shopping – i.e. various retail products. It turns out that in this area significantly better portals are on the market that go into more depth.

One of the biggest differences between Check24 and is in their Specialization. While Check24 compares many different products, we have specialized in one core area – online gambling.

All Tests are very detailedand there is always a look behind the scenes which gives information about the seriousness of the offer. We do not rely on customer opinions or on the information provided by the operators, but only on what has been personally checked by the trained eye.

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A good example of how detailed the comparisons are made, is offered by the Casino bonus section. Most companies in the industry first specify the maximum amount that can be claimed. However, what is more interesting for the customer are the bonus conditions, i.e. the turnover requirements, which our team checks very carefully. Only then does it become clear whether it is an attractive offer.

Why doesn't Check24 actually test casinos?

According to Check24 Vergleichsportal GmbH, it is a price comparison website. Price comparison side. The company has, as already noted, on goods and less on services specialized.

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Casinos after the same concept to compare, would be hardly convertiblebecause bonuses play only a minor role here, alongside many far more important factors, such as service, gaming options or even payment methods.

In essence, Check24 serves to help users make the most of their personal savings potential in all possible areas of daily life. personal savings potential in all possible areas of daily life. This applies to gas and electricity providers, insurance, but also to credit agreements.

So while it's basically about saving money, helps its readers find the best quality gambling offer.

Author: William Brown