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High Roller, alternatively also Whale or big spenderis the term for casino customers, who play for particularly high sums play. Limits in any form, be it restrictions on deposits and withdrawals or on stakes, are naturally perceived by this type of player as an obstacle. Thus, for them, playing in a casino with high stakes is the logical consequence.

Due to the newly anchored legal restrictions However, it has become increasingly difficult, especially in Australia, to find casinos that still high stakes and transactions. transactions.

One exception to this is providers who have their license from the island state of Curacao hold. There, players are given significantly more freedom than the limit of 1 euro per spin.

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This is not the only advantage that the providers from overseas bring with them: There is also the possibility to play with cryptocurrencies to play, expands the room for maneuver significantly.

As is well known, the associated associated transfers transfers are not subject to any limits due to blockchain technology – at least theoretically. no limits, as far as the amount is concerned.

Thus, the emerging scene of (crypto) casinos with high stakes offers ideal conditions for high limit gamblers and their gambling habits.

But what does it look like in practice?

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The question of how liberal providers as a contact point for financially strong players actually prove and which Casinos as well as game offers for planned higher stakes are particularly recommendable, we go in our contribution on the reason. In addition, we give the reader some tips and tricks for high stakes gambling on the way.

Table of contents

  • The best casinos for high rollers to play with high amounts
  • What actually is a high roller?
  • Requirements & criteria for a real high roller casino
  • Bet and win limits in casinos with high stakes
  • Recommended payment methods in the casino with high stakes
  • The king in the casino – these advantages are enjoyed by players who place high bets
  • Best new customer bonus for high rollers
  • Benefit from VIP & loyalty programs
  • Tips for high rollers in high stakes casinos
  • Casino games with high betting limits
  • FAQ – the most frequently asked questions about high stakes gambling
  • Conclusion – Assessment of the professional editors

The best casinos for high rollers to play with high amounts

The new regulation of the Australian gambling system and the comprehensive restriction of freedoms has hit hard especially players who like to bet high amounts. Provisions such as the 1$ betting limit on slots, the 5 seconds rule or the 1000$ monthly deposit limitmake the playing in casinos with a Australian license seem particularly unattractive. appear. At the latest with this development, the hour of the casinos from Curacao has struck.

This young and modern casino scene relies on the local licenses, which are subject to less strict conditions than those than those from Australia. Last but not least, the providers are known for their generally higher limits, which makes them limits, with which they offer the highroller ideal conditions offer.

Providers where you can play with high sums:

Also, the fact that high payments are made with, among other things. cryptocurrencies – in some casinos even exclusively with digital coins – can be seen as an asset especially for the high roller can be booked: Deposits, but also the skimming of winnings can be made in Bitcoin, Litecoin as well as other cryptos. mostly unlimited can be carried out.

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Some of the providers mentioned in the list above, for example. Bitstarz, Fairspin or FortuneJackbut accept also accept euro payments based on classic transfer methods such as credit cards and wallets.

What actually is a highroller?

The passion for gambling and the high stakes stakes when gambling are the typical characteristics of a high roller. In the industry there are numerous other terms for this type of player, among others:

  • High Limit Gambler
  • Whale (in Australian "Wal")
  • High Stakes Player
  • Big Spender

Because high roller customers are an interesting target group target group for casinos, they usually enjoy a special status. Also, the well-known VIP programs also accommodate the playing behavior of the high roller, because the high stakes allow him to quickly move up from level to level. Associated with this are, among other things better playing conditions and the distribution of bonuses.

But even without a VIP program High Limit Gambler can often expect special benefits at the casino. These range from personal customer service to Comps (free gifts).

Requirements & criteria for a real highroller casino

In order to be able to play as a high roller, i.e. with high stakes, the casino must have offer the appropriate offer. An online casino with a monthly deposit cap is just as unsuitable for this clientele as providers that severely limit the stakes in the game itself. On top of that, the transaction of as large a sum of money as possible should be possible.

Requirements for a good high roller casino are therefore:

  • High or at best no deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Game offer with high betting limits
  • Secure payment methods Without limits
  • Valid gambling license
  • Special VIP offers and privileges for high rollers
  • Fast & hassle free payout of large amounts
  • Preferential response to of support requests
  • Ideally own VIP customer manager
  • Especially for Highroller events tailored to highrollers

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A license is always a basic requirement for a serious casino, otherwise it is illegal gambling. Even if often talked about casinos without a license this simply means that the casino is not licensed in Australia. license was not issued in Australia issued in Australia, but comes from Curacao, for example. Strict conditions are to be fulfilled by the licensees, but at the same time they can offer their customers a lot of offer their customers a lot of freedom.

Stake and win limits in casinos with high stakes

Basically, there are certain requirements on the part of the developers regarding such thresholds. As insiders, we know that good casinos are given a certain leeway by many providers. a certain amount of leeway, so that so that significant differences are sometimes visible between individual providers.

Furthermore, you should pay attention to the upper limit for winnings. Of course, these also have a direct influence on the highest possible stake (depending on the respective win rate).

So before making a decision for high limit casinos, potential customers should first read the terms and conditions. Here is especially the sub-item "Winning Limits relevant, as it is quite possible that providers may limit Winnings per day, week and month limits.

An example of this is the Pirateplay Casino. In this casino, payouts are limited to 7,500 euros per week and 15,000 euros per month. High limit gamblers can only split larger winnings. to split larger sums of winningsas a payout over the limits is not possible.

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Contacting the customer service can be worthwhile for high rollers. Because theoretically there is of course the possibility to individual, higher payout limits to be granted.

Tip: Bitstarz is a provider that waives such win limits, as well as general payout limits. However, according to the T&Cs, the provider reserves the right to impose restrictions. Cloudbet handles it similarly and also waives strict limits.

Stake limit and max win by provider & slots:

Provider Wanted Dead or a Wild
Max Bet / Win
Double Rainbow
Max Bet / Win
Max Bet / Win
Stake $1.500 / $18.750.000 $1.500 / $7.500.000 $20.000 / $100.000
BitStarz $100 / $1.250.000 $100 / $500.000 $20.000 / $100.000
Cloudbet Not available Not available $100 / $10.000
Pirateplay Not available Not available $100 / $10.000
BC.Game $20 / $250.000 $100 / $500.000 USD 2.000 / USD 50.000
Fairspin $100 / $1.250.000 $100 / $500.000 $100 / $10.000
mBit Not available Not available $100 / $10.000
Roobet $750 / $9.375.000 $750 / $3.750.000 $300 / $30.000
Duelbits $100 / $1.250.000 $100 / $500.000 Not available
Rollbit $100 / $1.250.000 $100 / $500.000 $20.000 / $100.000
Rocketpot $100 / S1.250.000 $100 / $500.000 Not available

Recommended payment methods at high stakes casino

When choosing a high stakes casino Deposit limits the first exclusion criterion. A distinction must be made between monthly or weekly limits and limits that are set per transaction. Both represent an an obstacle for high rollers. for high rollers.

coins icon
Usually crypto casinos have particularly high or – ideally – no no payment limits. Unlike real money casinos, they are not connected to the official financial system with the digital currencies, but due to the decentralized blockchain technology independent of it.

The most popular cryptocurrencies in the casino are:

A decisive advantage is not only that high sums can be deposited can be deposited, but also that there are no strict betting limits in the game itself. In this context, one can't help but think of the spectacular spins of Drake or the streamer Roshtein in the Stake Casino. The big names of the scene sometimes throw a six-digit sum in the balance. Crypto assets can also be similarly easy and even even more secure than in Euros or US Dollars to the preferred crypto wallet make a withdrawal.

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Important note for the choice of casino: Even cryptocasinos draw occasionally impose limits although these are significantly higher than in real money casinos that operate according to Australian regulations. So if you want as few restrictions as possible, you should spend a little time for the provider comparison take a little time.

Advantages of cryptos at High Limit Casino:

  • Often payments in unlimited amounts possible
  • Crypto betting also unlimited, i.e. without a $1 limit
  • Transactions take place within a few minutes
  • One wallet is sufficient for all common cryptos
  • Investment in coins effortlessly possible
  • Same day payouts
  • Low network transaction fees

The king in the casino – these are the benefits enjoyed by high stakes players

That high rollers are welcome guests in the online casino, it goes without saying. Therefore, they can expect preferential treatment. The following privileges for frequent players are common among others:

  • Increased/individual limits
  • Personal customer service / personal account manager
  • Special VIP offers
  • Invitations to highroller tables
  • Exclusive invitations to VIP trips etc.
  • More attractive conversion of loyalty points
  • Backstage promotions
  • Private events
  • Changing the rules of the game

Not only betting limits can be raised in favor of the wealthy clientele. Some companies even individualize the rules of the gameto make participation as appealing as possible for this target group.

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Well-known examples of high rollers who benefit from higher individual betting limits are casino streamers such as TrainwrecksTV or FossyGFX. Both of them regularly place amounts equivalent to several hundred or even thousand dollars.

The nature and extent of benefits offered to high-stakes gamblers may vary from one provider to provider. It therefore makes perfect sense to compare several compare several casinos with high stakes casinos and choose the one that offers the most attractive most attractive basis have to offer.

Best new customer bonus for high rollers

Provided that the casino has such an offer, the welcome bonus, often referred to as a starting balance, is given immediately after registration made available. The prerequisite for claiming it is a minimum deposit, the amount of which is specified by the provider.

As a rule, newly registered players are given a few days to several weeks to decide for or against the Casino bonus to decide. If this is claimed, it is imperative that the terms and conditions because on the one hand, such campaigns are subject to clearly clearly defined turnover conditions underlying. On the other hand, casinos usually also set a deadline within which the conditions must be met.

Bonus offers from casinos with higher stakes in comparison:

Deposit (min)
Bonus (max)
Turnover condition
Max Bet

stake logo

50 $
500 $
Bonus x30
Bonus Info


20 $
500 $ /
Bonus x40
5 $
Bonus info

Cloudbet Logo

0.01 BTC
By collecting loyalty points
Bonus Info

pirateplay casino logo

20 $
500 $
Bonus x50
5$ / round,
0,50$ / line
Bonus Info


Bonus x35
0.003 BTC
Bonus Info

fortunejack casino logo

20 USD /
0.001 BTC
1,200 USD
/ 6 BTC
Bonus x30
0.00015 BTC / round
Bonus Info


0.001 BTC
Bonus x100
Bonus Info

1bet logo

20 $
500 $
Bonus + deposit x30
12 $ or 5%
of the bonus money
Bonus Info

important icon
Also important: Customers should always read carefully which slot machines and classics to to meet the turnover target because it can happen that entire categories or certain titles are excluded from the promotion.

Are welcome bonus offers suitable for high stakes gaming at all?

In general, high rollers bring ideal prerequisites to meet the turnover requirements of new customer offers without fulfill. Because due to their gaming behavior, they should have played through the bonus quickly. The obstacle is the the so-called max-bet rule which limits the number of rounds that can be wagered as long as the turnover target of the bonus offer has not yet been reached. In addition, the bonus conditions can can usually only be fulfilled on slot machines respectively, wagers are not accepted at Table games are not counted 100%. counted.

smiley-sad icon
Also are bonus amounts of 500 to 1000 Euros from the point of view of a high stakes player are rather peanuts; this is the amount such a customer likes to bet on a single a single bet. For the average earner this may be hardly comprehensible, but with the max-bet rule the turnover conditions of the welcome bonus for the high roller may even become a annoying obligation.

Arguments for using a bonus from the point of view of a high limit gambler


  • High rollers find it easy to fulfill the turnover requirements
  • Additional as well as free credit to play in the casino
  • Partly there are also free spins in addition to the bonus
  • Until the turnover requirements are fulfilled, wagering limits must often be met

Jake Erving
In high roller casinos that accept cryptos instead of real money or at least focus on crytpos as a means of payment, welcome bonuses are more the exception than the rule anyway. Instead, these providers often work with VIP programs, which allow high rollers to secure long-term rewards such as free spins, instant withdrawals or other rewards. Especially recommended are the VIP promotions of Rollbit or also Duelbits. Both do without the classic starting credit, but offer customers and especially those with high stakes the chance, to quickly reach higher VIP levels and thus achieve a whole range of advantages. Plus: Even in the lower levels, which require little turnover from users, the first attractive customer benefits beckon, especially participation in special events." Jake Erving – Author & Casino Expert

Benefit from VIP & Loyalty Programs

VIP means written out Very Important Person. For the casino loyal customers are important and for this loyalty, many operators show gratitude. This is especially true for crypto casinos. VIP programs are tailored to high rollersbecause new levels are only opened with corresponding stakes and the resulting collection of comp points. Each advancement is usually rewarded with a rewardedbe it an instant bonus, free spins or other rewards.

As the VIP level increases, so does the scope and amount of the rewards, whereby each provider has developed its own concept has developed its own concept to retain players in the long term.

Overview of the best VIP programs:

  1. Rollbit Rewards
  2. Stake VIP Club
  3. Duelbit's VIP Lounge

Rollbit Rewards

Founded in 2020, Rollbit crypto casino's VIP concept is unique because. Instead of simple promotion bonuses the provider offers its customers various repayment options. On the one hand there is a classic cashbackthrough which players are refunded a portion of their losses.

On the other hand the rakeback reduces the house advantagethe amount varies in percentage in relation to the VIP level reached. Numerous game offers can be used to progress through the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels. to work your way up. The last three levels are only unlocked by personal invitation from support.

Stake VIP Club

Also in the Stake Casino also offers a VIP program. With reaching the Platinum III level beckon reload bonuses every hour. Furthermore there are every 10 minutes a rakebackwhich increases with each level and reduces the house advantage in parallel.

Video (English): The Stake VIP program explained

The VIP concept is complemented by weekly boosts in the form of real money, although these are only available from the bronze level and exclusively in the in-house Telegram group. The level up bonus can also up to 25,000 US dollars It has to be said that it is mainly real high rollers who can play up to the required required Platinum Level level. The monthly bonus will be announced in the regular email sent to you on a regular basis. This also depends on the achieved investment within the respective past four weeks.

Duelbits VIP Lounge

Mascot Ace has a VIP lounge in the Duelbits Casino and especially High Rollers can profit from it by reaching the VIP level. The company has its own Bits, a currency of its own currency, which can be can be collected and with which it is possible to participate in special VIP events, including tournaments and raffles.

With each VIP level increases the number of bitsthat customers are allowed to collect daily in their in their own account. In addition, there are daily 5% rakebacks for all those who make it to the Elite VIP levels have made it. Generally, not only casino players can benefit, but the VIP program at Duelbits is also aimed at all those who prefer sports betting.

Tips for high rollers in high stakes casinos

The purpose of high stakes is usually not to get rid of a lot of money as quickly as possible. Those who enter the casino as a high roller usually do so with the thought of solid profits in the long term and to benefit from certain privileges privileges.

Some tips can help:

  1. Choose new customer bonus without max bet rule

    giftbox icon
    Even if starting balance in the classical sense rather an exception in crypto casinos are, there are nevertheless one or the other company, which lures with a welcome bonus, which is attractive also for High Stakes Gambler.Prerequisite for it is that it is no low max bet exists. After all, low bets do not necessarily correspond to the gaming behavior of a high roller. Whether the bonus must be played through 20x or 50x, an already very active player will be relatively indifferent.

  2. Participate in the VIP program (if available)

    Most crypto casinos for high limit players offer a VIP program offered. If this is available, the participation usually automatically. Means that with the use of the first bets points can be collected without customers having to confirm specifically that they want to participate in the VIP program. vary from provider to provideras well as the Rewards and customer benefitsfrom which loyal players benefit. What is particularly advantageous is that each user his own pace to reach higher levels. Theoretically, it is possible to start with high stakes and climb the ladder quickly, but if you want to take it easy in between have to cut back a little has no disadvantages. no disadvantages to fear. At least with serious VIP programs a reached level remains achieved level is preserved.

  3. Keep an eye on promotions and use them to your own advantage

    win icon
    In addition to VIP programs and the, albeit rarely existing, High Roller welcome offer, there are sometimes other campaigns in which customers can optionally participate. A good example are the Drop & Wins tournamentswhich are organized by many providers in close cooperation with developer Pragmatic Play Each month, there is a prize pool of around 500,000 euros in the prize poolMostly, users can choose between slots and live casino tournaments. With a bit of luck, the account can be replenished without having to make a new deposit.

  4. Bankroll & Money Management

    gewinnmöglichkeiten icon
    A Bankroll and Money Management is recommended for every player – regardless of how financially strong he may be. By keeping track of your winnings and losses, reflectingbetting levels, deliberately increasing or decreasing them, and possibly even betting strategiesone's own balance sheet can be balance sheet. This not only has a positive effect on the account balance, but also maintains the joy of gambling.

  5. Regularly reflect on personal gaming behavior

    finger icon
    Casinos with high betting and payment limits offer the player a lot of freedom, which in turn requires requires personal responsibility. Those who have a lot of money at their disposal are not automatically immune to gambling addiction. In fact, the opposite may be true. The prospect of large sums of money puts one's own impulse control to the test.. It is therefore advisable to regularly reflect on regularly reflect on one's personal gambling behavior. The prerequisite is that one honest and self-critical with oneself.

    info icon
    More on the topic: How do I recognize gambling addiction?

    Even though it may seem paradoxical for a high roller, the setting personal gaming limits in the casino in the casino account can definitely be a way to control one's own gambling behavior. Usually, it is enough to click on the personal profile. Once there, depending on the provider, under the menu item "Responsible gaming" or else "Limits" the possibility to limit playing times, losses, stakes and deposits according to to limit time periods. Some companies have additionally integrated a button with which it is possible to take a complete break for several hours, days or up to a month.

  6. Trust only reputable casinos

    license icon
    Like other industries, the casino industry is not free of black sheep. From Casinos without a gambling license is generally not recommendedsince there are no external audits with regard to the profitability and stability of the offer as well as the reliability of winnings payments. In addition, reputable providers are characterized by cooperation with established game developers as well as an offer of known payment payment providers payment providers and methods. The first impression also counts, because the lack of support as well as an imprint can definitely be interpreted as an alarm signal.

    info icon
    To List of dubious casinos

  7. Choose provider with good reputation regarding winnings payouts

    coins icon
    In order to pay out high winnings to pay out to customersyou need a healthy company with a good good cash flow. In general, economic stability is part of the review process on the part of the licensing authorities. Licensed providers are therefore, according to experience, also reliable when it comes to payouts.

    important icon
    AttentionIf there are still delays in the payout, this does not necessarily indicate a lack of seriousness, but could have other reasons. A still pending account verificationg or a still not yet reached bonus turnover are well-known examples of this.

    Again and again one stumbles across negative negative testimonials customers who vent their anger about the supposedly poor payment practices of a casino and have overlooked the fact that there are instead a few formalities are at fault. Such reports should therefore be viewed critically, because what is once on the Internet is seldom retracted – even if everything should have subsequently resolved to the good.

    info icon
    Our checklist for Problems with casino payouts

  8. Pay attention to possible winnings limits
    A common pitfall for high stakes players is the Winning limit. Basically, pay Slot machines pay out a maximum paid out. When this is reached, a new round starts and players get the next chance to secure winnings. However, some companies introduce a clause in the general terms and conditionswhich states that payouts can only be made up up to a certain upper limit. can be achieved.

Casino games with high betting limits

  1. High Roller Slots
  2. High Roller Roulette
  3. High Roller Blackjack

High Roller Slots

Not the option alone, high stakes is not the only thing that makes high roller slots stand out. Ideally, they offer a solid payout ratio (RTP) at the same time. solid payout ratio (RTP)This is the only way to make a slot game worthwhile in the long run, precisely because a large part of the player's bets are paid back.

Three examples show how easily high rollers can flourish in casino games.

  • dead or a wild stake
    Wanted Dead or a Wild is a a prime example of a high stakes slot.because, depending on the casino, this hacksaw release allows bets of up to up to 1,500 euros per spin (for example in the Stake Casino). In addition, there are the three possible Bonus Buy features which can be bought for 200,000$. The payout ratio for this slot is 96,38%.

  • double rainbow stake
    Double Rainbow from Hacksaw Gaming promises thrills and is available through bets of up to 1.500 Euro per spin quite interesting for high rollers. The rainbow spins can be purchased via the Bonus Buy Button, for 75.000$. can be bought additionally. Here comes users at the same time the RTP value value, which the company quantifies with 96,39% figures.

  • plinko stake
    Plinko from e.g. Stake, a crypto game, leaves with up to 2.000$ per falling ball. Compared to the aforementioned online slots, this game is an entertaining arcade game and impresses with RTP values of 97% – 99.

High Stakes & High Winnings: Jackpot Slots and Progressive Jackpots

luck icon
Big spenders, as high rollers are also called, do not invest high amounts of money just to get rid of them. The goal, of course, is to achieve high winnings as well. This requires on the one hand a little luckon the other hand the choice of the right slot machines. Predestined for the payment of winnings in the millions as well as amounts in at least five figures are Jackpot Slotswhether the main prize is fixed or progressive.

In two cases we speak of progression namely

  1. If the jackpot increases through bets thus a part of the bets is added, it is the classic form of a progressive, constantly growing main prize.
  2. Also jackpots, the amount of which the amount of the bet playedcan also be described as progressive. The main prize grows grows here does not grow immeasurably until it is cracked, but increases in a fixed relation to the bet amount.

High Roller Roulette

roulette icon
With increasing VIP level the probability also increases, individual table limits individual table limits. High Roller Roulette tables are available exclusively selected clientele and are therefore inaccessible to the general public. Bets in excess of 5,000 euros are common in these circles.

Drake spielt bei Stake

© | Drake prefers to play live roulette

The higher the player status, the Stake brand ambassador and partner Drake, who has been officially for the crypto casino streams.

His limit Thanks to a special agreement with live developer Pragmatic Play, his limit is one million USD. Thus, he managed to win 17.5 million in just one spin.

High Roller Blackjack

blackjack-cards icon
Similar privileges are offered at the Blackjack table. Selected clientele receive exclusive access to specially designed High Roller tables. As in the roulette area, a special invitation is required here as well. special invitationwhich is issued exclusively to those users who have made a high high investments over a longer period of time and who usually have one of the higher higher VIP level have reached.

The experienced Twitch streamer TrainwrecksTV his regular casino has granted the option to set limits up to 100,000 US dollars per hand per hand. At the most, the big spender among the streamers could win seven seats thus investing 700,000 dollars. In addition sidebetswhich are optional.


  1. How can I recognize a reputable highroller casino?
  2. Which slots & casino games are recommended for high stakes?
  3. Will I be treated preferentially by the casino as a high roller?
  4. Is there a special Highroller Casino bonus?
  5. How do I find the best Highroller Casino for me?

1.) How can I recognize a reputable Highroller Casino?

The seriousness of the provider can be determined first and foremost by factors such as an official gambling licensethe cooperation with high-quality software developers as well as reliable payment methods determine. Testimonials can provide information about how reputable the casino operator you are considering actually is.

2.) Which slots & casino games are recommended for high stakes?

Particularly popular with high stakes players are Table and card games such as roulette, blackjack or poker. If slot games are more to your liking, you will also find them in solid casinos.

Depending on the company and personal status individual limits for high rollers, however, are also the jackpot games with progressive winnings. progressive winnings interesting.

3.) Will I be treated preferentially by the casino as a high roller?

High rollers are welcome guests. Advantages can be obtained by this clientele especially in the context of so-called VIP programs a hierarchically structured reward system.

With each VIP level that the player reaches, bonuses, free spins and other rewards. In addition, a personal support and sometimes even the participation in exclusive events. exclusive events events are possible. Last but not least there is the possibility, betting limits can be individual betting limits.

4.) Is there a separate Highroller Casino bonus?

The classic new customer bonus, as you know it from most online casinos, is neither with respect to the bonus amount or the turnover requirements (keyword Max Bet rule) to the needs and playing behavior of playing behavior of high rollers tailored. This applies more to the so-called VIP programs. Financially strong frequent players can choose within the scope of this higher betting limits as well as special conditions special conditions in the casino.

5.) How do I find the best Highroller Casino for me?

A detailed Comparison of several providers can be useful to get the best possible advantage as a high roller. advantage out of it. On our pages we will High Stakes Casinos presented comprehensively, including all strengths and weaknesses.

casino-house icon
The decisive factor is ultimately, which demands and whether the company can meet them as fully as possible, be it with regard to VIP programs, payment methods, the customer service or even when it comes to exclusive privileges.

Our conclusion on high stakes casinos

Due to the underlying payment system of cryptocurrencies as well as the freedoms that licenses from Curacao grant, have become crypto casinos have emerged in recent years as a new place to go for high rollers. Any limits are at the discretion of the provider and are mostly generous On top of that, the blockchain technology offers a Maximum security for online payments.

Nevertheless the conditions for high rollers vary for highrollers vary from casino to casino, which is why it is worth information in advance and to compare the different compare the different providers. The VIP program available in most casinos VIP program provides loyal players special conditions and increased limits in prospect. In individual cases, these can also be negotiated individually.

Author: Jake ErvingRated: Casinos with high stakesAuthor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐96%